Embody the truest, most expanded version of yourself.

You didn’t come here to follow the crowd, do what you’re told or live a life of mediocrity.
You didn’t come here to be engulfed by external situations, feel constantly exhausted and not enough.
You didn’t come here to just get by or be disempowered by the external happenings in your life and the world.
You came here to know your Self as Divine.
You came here to experience forgiveness, self-love, compassion and freedom.
You came here to en-joy and serve the world with the essence of who you truly are.
UNLEASHED is a mentorship program where you will have my support to author your life from your Highest Self, opposed to allowing subconscious programs to dictate what you believe is possible. Learn to transmute the frequencies of not-enough-ness, shame, anger, and complacency into creative power and potential so that you can literally create heaven on earth.


  • Embody the vibration of your true essence and direct your energy and intention towards creating a life that feels aligned, expanded and magical.
  • Increase your connection with your own inner knowing and guidance.
  • Nurture your relationship to Source so you never again disconnect from the Energy of Creation.
  • Learn to live from presence and build a trusted relationship with all that arises in your life experience.
  • Activate your own healing power and spiritual gifts.
  • Release judgement and control to live in harmony and resonance with Source.
  • Understand your Divine purpose and how to be fully YOU!

I believe we are eternal beings that have come to this earth to experience our own evolution and remembrance of our true power, potential, and inherent love. Life wants us to wake up to who we truly are and be the most US that we can be; without all of our filters, conditioning, and imposed limitations.
I’m devoted to supporting individuals who are ready to live a life guided by their inner authority and unique connection to Source. I am here to evoke your magnificence that is already within you.
If you feel called to claim the wholeness of your life experience, reach out to me personally here!
Here’s a download I received that reminded me of what feels true. Perhaps this will touch your heart too…

Breathe. Let me take care of the broken hearts; of the illusion of separation.

Your truth and loving will direct others home.

They will choose to come home quickly or take the meandering path. Both are perfect. Both are beautiful.

You came here to be free.

Liberate yourself.

You can’t keep carrying others’ pain with you.

It’s your time to choose. Choose for you. What your heart truly desires. What lights you up and feels like heaven on earth.

You’re allowed to have the best. You’re allowed to say no to what isn’t harmonious and to create the life of your dreams on your terms.

Be free my child. Let me take care of everything. Everyone is walking the path that is perfect for them. Have no doubt.

Release yourself from the responsibility of pleasing everyone. Now is the time to say yes to you.

All is well.

All is in Divine order and timing.

You are blessed.

Follow your heart and soar.

I've discovered that I get to choose Who I want to be.

"I've discovered that I get to choose Who I want to be. That celebrating what is, instead of dwelling on what wasn't right is the way forward to my expansive life. I can now find my way back to center using divine presence. I now understand that I have a deep knowing that I can tap into and that I don't need to avoid, hide and minimize my light. Thank you for being such a pivotal part of my life."

-S. R.

I am leveling up in trusting Creator

"Oh my goodness! What’s happening? Like I flipped a switch and am leveling up in trusting Creator, gave myself the gift of seeing the agency I can have - though have been blind to/ unconscious of… and am choosing scenarios that fuel / empower / free me and my income potential without depleting me!"


UNLEASHED has been a truly transformative program for me!

UNLEASHED has been a truly transformative program for me and by all accounts, for each incredible person in our group as well.

Before the program began, I had an idea of what I needed to do and how I needed to grow and evolve in order to live my life more fully, more on purpose, and quite frankly, less stressed out.  

The big surprise was that the path to inner calm/peace, balanced emotions and a feeling of being exactly where I’m supposed to be, was quite simple and attainable, and ironically, not what I was thinking it would be.  

Melanie helped me see the parts of myself I’d gotten good at ignoring and she was able to nudge me past those hidden barriers that kept me stumbling through my day-to-day life.  It was an incredible experience to be part of.  

Each week of UNLEASHED builds on the previous and they are so thoughtfully woven together that at the end you are able to see how spectacular the transformation has been.   

Melanie’s ability to question thoughts/conclusions I’d never thought to question, is extraordinary, and her insight, life changing.  

UNLEASHED is the perfect name for this program because the freedom I feel after 3 months is indescribable.  The most incredible part is that I wasn’t even aware I was tethered.  No question I am incredibly grateful for the entire experience - the courageous women who shared the journey with me and for our wise and caring leader, Melanie."

Sharon M

I now believe and trust that "I am my own intuitive authority."

Before working with Melanie and experiencing the UNLEASHED Mentorship program, I was feeling stuck and fearful about making decisions in my life, experiencing bouts of anxiety for no apparent reason, seeking clarity, trying to figure out what path to take and mostly trying to figure out who I am at this point on my journey.
Every week there was a little bit more of an inner shift towards understanding myself. Along the way I realized I was no longer experiencing anxiety, I was feeling more peace and more confidence in relying on my intuition.  
Melanie helped me to work through my doubts and especially to see how my thoughts and my perceptions were creating my own suffering.  
I now believe and trust that "I am my own intuitive authority."
Not only did I feel the transformations within myself but I could see the transformations of those in my group.  
This inner transformation helps me to walk through this world as my most authentic, truest self.  It's there that I find peace and clarity knowing I get to choose my life and how I show up in it.  
At the end of the day Melanie guides us back into alignment with our true nature. And because it has helped me to understand myself so much better I am choosing to continue to work with Melanie in order to keep understanding, keep growing, keep learning, and keep listening deeply.  This is an investment in love and I recommend UNLEASHED wholeheartedly to anyone seeking any type of direction or growth in their life."
Victoria Smith

Melanie Phillips (BFA, E-RYT, CAS) has worked with clients in the healing arts since 2000 and is a Certified ThetaHealer®. She’s a bestselling author, certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Akashic Records Consultant, Reiki Master, yoga teacher trainer, Bio-Energy Healer and Trainer, and Vision Quest Protector.

Having walked a real and vivid healing path through chronic illness and extraordinary loss, Melanie embraces the philosophy that we can all reemerge from darkness and remember that we are all “the light” in our own lives.

Melanie’s empathic and sharply intuitive approach helps clients discover the root cause of their dis-eases and empowers them with wisdom and practices to live vital, light-filled, joy-filled lives.