UNLEASHED…Embody the truest, most expanded version of yourself.

You didn’t come here to follow the crowd, do what you’re told or live a life of mediocrity.
You didn’t come here to be engulfed by external situations, feel constantly exhausted and not enough.
You didn’t come here to just get by or be disempowered by the external happenings in your life and the world.
You came here to know your Self as Divine.
You came here to experience forgiveness, self-love, compassion and freedom.
You came here to en-joy and serve the world with the essence of who you truly are.

UNLEASHED is a mentorship program where you will have my support to author your life from your Highest Self, opposed to allowing subconscious programs to dictate what you believe is possible. Learn to transmute the frequencies of not-enough-ness, shame, anger, and complacency into creative power and potential so that you can literally create heaven on earth.


  • Embody the vibration of your true essence and direct your energy and intention towards creating a life that feels aligned, expanded and magical.


  • Increase your connection with your own inner knowing and guidance.

  • Nurture your relationship to Source so you never again disconnect from the Energy of Creation.

  • Learn to live from presence and build a trusted relationship with all that arises in your life experience.

  • Activate your own healing power and spiritual gifts.

  • Release judgement and control to live in harmony and resonance with Source.

  • Understand your Divine purpose and how to be fully YOU!

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    I believe we are eternal beings that have come to this earth to experience our own evolution and remembrance of our true power, potential, and inherent love. Life wants us to wake up to who we truly are and be the most US that we can be; without all of our filters, conditioning, and imposed limitations.
    I’m devoted to supporting individuals who are ready to live a life guided by their inner authority and unique connection to Source. I am here to evoke your magnificence that is already within you.
    If you feel called to claim the wholeness of your life experience, reach out to me personally here, m@madhurimethod.com and we can explore if this mentorship program is a good fit for you at this time.
    Here is a download I received that reminded me of what feels true. Perhaps this will touch your heart too…

    Breathe. Let me take care of the broken hearts; of the illusion of separation.

    Your truth and loving will direct others home.

    They will choose to come home quickly or take the meandering path. Both are perfect. Both are beautiful.

    You came here to be free.

    Liberate yourself.

    You can’t keep carrying others’ pain with you.

    It’s your time to choose. Choose for you. What your heart truly desires. What lights you up and feels like heaven on earth.

    You’re allowed to have the best. You’re allowed to say no to what isn’t harmonious and to create the life of your dreams on your terms.

    Be free my child. Let me take care of everything. Everyone is walking the path that is perfect for them. Have no doubt.

    Release yourself from the responsibility of pleasing everyone. Now is the time to say yes to you.

    All is well.

    All is in Divine order and timing.

    You are blessed.

    Follow your heart and soar.


    Need a bit more…?

    Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about if Alchemy of Freedom is right for you.