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10 Day Ayurveda Self-Care Challenge


I am most grateful for the love of Ayurveda that you have shared!

Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this 10 day challenge. From the very first time I sat listening to you at the Toronto Yoga Festival almost a decade ago, I was inspired by the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda.
I bought your book fresh off the press and dedicated myself to living according to Ayurveda practices.
But I had forgotten many of the lessons.
This course has reminded me to pay attention again.
Thank you for the food prayer. I spent three summers as a Karma yogi on Salt Spring Island at the Salt Spring centre of yoga and I had forgotten that food prayer.
You have reminded me of more than just Ayurveda practices. But also my love of those days of being in service and the wonderful people and their beautiful energy .
I am most grateful for the love of Ayurveda that you have shared over and over in my life!
Om Shanti.

Karen Greenwood

Thank you for offering so much valuable information for free!

Just finished your 10 Day Challenge. Just want to say thank you for offering so much valuable information for free. I am implementing almost all of your suggestions into my daily routine.  It is becoming a lovely ritual in my day.  Loved your videos and your way.  Thank you so much for your offering.  It is MUCH appreciated.


Jenelle M.

This challenge is wonderful! 

I have just started working on a morning self care routine and the guidance you are providing me with is gratefully appreciated.

So far so good - the coconut oil and I are becoming very good friends!


Brenda M.

I’m flooded with gratitude!

These challenges have arrived at the perfect time and I thank you for being present to deliver them. I’m flooded with gratitude for all the work you have done, all the hurdles you have overcome and the trail you continue to blaze.


Sara M.

I love your videos! 

Your 10 day challenge is fantastic.

It makes me so happy to see you doing all of these wonderful things and sharing your immense knowledge.  You are amazing!


Jenn S.


Ayurvedic Consultation & Ayurveda + Spiritual Life Coaching

Melanie’s warm and intentional approach…

Helped me open up to the root issues underlying very poor digestion and my body’s inability to be nourished by food and how vital I felt. I’m so grateful for Melanie’s grace and support and my ability to break free of resistance and trust her healing approach. Melanie’s Bio-Energy treatments supported shifts in me, which in combination with learning new Ayurvedic habits have created visible differences within my life. Since working with Melanie my energy levels to engage more fully with life have grown.

I would recommend Melanie to anyone looking to get to the energetic root of an imbalance in their well-being. I am grateful for Melanie’s open hearted, effective and graceful facilitation in restoring a balance in my health.


Melanie is such a caring, passionate, and knowledgeable health care provider.

She offers many tools to work through all areas of resistance in life. I have overcome ailments such as acne and allergies as well as worked through stressful periods and limiting beliefs. I have become so much more aware of who I am because of my work with Melanie. I would definitely recommend Melanie to anyone committed to a life of health and well being.

Denice Dobinson


Inner Empowerment Mentorship

I'm feeling fantastic!

I love the positive results; the increased feelings of personal awareness and self-confidence I am feeling. Fantastic! This was so much worth the effort and the investment, would do it again in a heartbeat!

Love working with Melanie. 

Melanie shares so much knowledge, experience and insight in such a gentle and connective way.  She is patient and on path.  She is loving and accepting and is an amazing mentor who demonstrates through her actions and cares through her words with the ability to clearly share what you need to hear.


Melanie’s IEM course is for anyone that is looking to foster a deeper connection with themselves..

Melanie’s IEM course is for anyone that is looking to foster a deeper connection with themselves, cultivating the self-love it takes to do this & shedding anything that is no longer serving You. The work in the course is subtle, but deep. For me, the biggest shifts have come as I am slowing integrating more and more of these life practices into my daily routine & giving myself the time to do this. This course is less about the ‘rules’ we need to follow, but more of an offering to use what resonates with each of us as unique souls & being kind to yourself as you do.


This has been the most important education I’ve ever received.

After a lifetime of wrestling with childhood trauma, clinical depression, and host of self-defeating beliefs and behaviours, I emerged from this mentorship with a sense of self-mastery and understanding that is incredible. I strongly encourage you to invest in the Inner Empowerment Mentorship Program with Melanie Phillips. You will become part of an intimate, mutually supportive group of people, guided by Melanie’s teaching. Along with the teaching, Melanie provides you with an abundance of tools and practices that will empower you to live your best life. Invest in your own well-being, it will help not only you, but all of the people around you!

Having a wise and caring guide to light the way is everything. When the path disappears completely, leaving you wondering whether you are on a path at all, or just stumbling alone in a void, a beacon reassures you that – in spite of whatever darkness, pain, or fear surrounds you – you are moving through it, and there is light up ahead. Thank you for being that beacon. Much love and gratitude to you.


I came to Melanie because I was fed-up with feeling confused, exhausted, crappy, and generally “off-course” in my life.

I knew I needed help and guidance that went far beyond standard allopathic medical approaches. Melanie has helped guide me past numerous self-created obstacles and self-limiting beliefs – things that neither doctors nor therapists have been able to do. Thank goodness I worked through my resistance to investing in my personal well-being!

Melanie met me exactly where I was, (“I don’t know what to eat, I’m tired all the time, my digestion doesn’t work, I hate my job….” among many more complaints), listening with love, and giving me tools that WORK!

The benefits of working with Melanie are real (long-term digestive/elimination problems cleared up almost immediately), but the truly incredible thing about working with Melanie is that she has the wisdom, knowledge and spiritual/psychological insight to go far beyond dealing with specific “symptoms”. With Melanie's guidance, I am re-tuning all aspects of my life (body, mind, external circumstances) – coming into a state of balance and reconnecting with my authentic self. I am, in short, coming into my own, and Melanie is the guiding force behind that. I have learned that significant change, and moving past long-standing issues, does not have to take a long time. Positive change can happen in an instant!

I wholeheartedly recommend Melanie to anyone who feels even slightly “off-course”. If you feel stuck – mentally, physically, or if you feel like you just need some guidance and support to push through to a fuller, richer, more authentic life – make the investment in your own well-being, and allow Melanie to guide and support you on your journey.


April R.

Ayurveda For Real Life

Before working with Melanie…

I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time or energy to fit Ayurveda into my life. But it was surprisingly simple and didn’t require me to make any drastic or time-consuming changes.

Since working with Melanie, my energy and mental clarity have increased. As a result, I’m more active, in better shape, and don’t experience brain fog anymore. I feel balanced physically and emotionally. I feel like myself again!

I highly recommend Melanie to anyone tired of the ‘one size fits all’ advice that simply does not work. Melanie provides a safe, caring and non-judgemental space to start the healing process.

Surita B.

I’ve been studying Ayurveda both locally and in India for the past 5 years, I LOVED this on-line course!

Melanie’s teachings are so rich with wisdom and passion, the course materials are well put together and such an amazing resource to be able to go back for review as I like.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a solid foundation of Ayurveda knowledge, yoga teachers looking to share this Ancient science with students, or anyone else on the planet who wishes for health, ease and understanding on how to return to their our own natural rhythm.

Certified Yoga Teacher, Mantra Yoga

I loved this course because it’s about taking the information, and actually applying it to everyday real life….

It’s about self-empowerment, bringing awareness to how we live our lives, and the ways in which we connect with the world. Melanie is truly supportive throughout the whole process, and her unconditional love is unwavering. I recommend this course to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of themselves, and our connection to nature as human beings.

Realizing that opening my heart up, and allowing healing to happen has been life changing. Thank you, Melanie. I am grateful.

Certified Yoga Teacher

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training

I was able to take a good look at myself and start making changes.

I got so much out of this workshop: a better understanding of how foods can affect us, a new meaning to why we do yoga postures, and ways that they can be a benefit to us, a new understanding to what yoga really is. I was able to take a good look at myself and start making changes. I was able to share openly which is something I don’t normally do. This was possible because of the space Melanie was able to provide for us. I feel very grateful to be part of this group.


Mike Hay

This was a transformative experience.

This AYTT program was a great resource for a deeper understanding of life in general and my own life in particular.

It helps me to look in a different way (with more compassion and acceptance) towards my challenges and expressions of thoughts and feelings coming from other people.

It helps me create a more knowledgeable structure of yoga classes I teach, to be more useful for the students and more sustainable for me.

It empowered me to feel more confident, to allow the unfolding of life with more ease. Thank you for this transformative experience.



Melanie knows how to go to the crux of an issue like an arrow hitting a bull’s eye!

This course was very well organized in the way of time, structure and presentation of content. We were always kept engaged whether listening to the teaching, doing a yoga practice, participating in discussion or going within ourselves to observe.

Melanie spoke from a place of years of experiential wisdom.

I came away with a sense of how to craft a class based on the qualities that need increasing or decreasing.

I came away more knowledge about ayurveda, but also knowing what I don’t know!

Melanie’s course was deeply insightful and profound, beautiful, safe.

I definitely feel further equipped as an ayurvedic yoga teacher and this course confirmed this is the way I want to teach yoga.

Melanie’s yoga classes were always deep and beautiful for my spirit, soul and body.

Melanie knows how to go to the crux of an issue like an arrow hitting a bull’s eye.


Celeste Davidson

Thank you for your authentic presence, courage and light!

On my continuous journey of learning through the path of yoga, ayurveda sparked my interest and I chose Melanie Phillips and her course on ayurveda to be my next step in learning.

Her guidance, example, straight forward and open approach to delivering the content really allowed me to embody the knowledge and wisdom and to go away with enthusiasm to practice and continue to learn more and at the same time have appreciation and acceptance for what I already know, for what I am already doing and for being open to what is next.

My ayurvedic studies have just started and I am excited to learn more and with the support and guidance from Melanie and her content, which she continues to evolve, perfect and develop on her journey and authentic dedication to the ayurvedic path.

Thank you for your authentic presence, courage and light. I am thankful I chose to participate in a deepening course with you.


This course was amazing!

The Madhuri Method AYTT is a comprehensive program that teaches yoga teachers to apply Ayurveda to yoga teaching. It covers multiple aspects of Ayurveda including subdoshas, dhatus, gunas and the subtle body anatomy. The ultimate experience of the teacher training was Melanie’s guidance for achieving self mastery to understand how to teach in a way that incorporates the qualities of the doshas and support a life long path of self-healing.

The course provides experiential learning through the exercises in the online preparatory component and during the training days with yoga, practices, partner and group activities and daily homework assignments of self-care. This course was amazing!


Gillian Donald

“If there is one thing that I want you to remember from this training is that YOU ARE WHOLE.”

On the last day of training Melanie said, “If there is one thing that I want you to remember from this training is that YOU ARE WHOLE.”

We were reminded that we are not just another yoga teacher but that we are lightworkers with unique qualities to bring to the table. I feel encouraged to follow my own path of healing—of returning to wholeness—and also more confidence in meeting my students more authentically.


Jacky Challenger
Coastal Bliss Yoga

A training that far exceeded my expectations!

This journey I thought I was on to bring Ayurveda into my yoga teachings turned into deeper teachings for my own inner journey of living mindfully in every moment and being present in all I do and in my interactions with others.

Learning to listen with an open heart, to find a state of peace and contentment while healing myself to be full, healthy and non-judgmental, but also not taking life too seriously.

Such an amazing course that subtly and intricately builds on so much self-care and self-love to live WHOLEHEARTEDLY.


Rosie Williams
Yoga Shack BC

I’m so glad I decided to follow through with this opportunity to learn.

The Madhuri Method Ayurvedic Training program is engaging, accessible and empowering. Melanie’s perspectives and materials allowed me to gain a clearer perspective of how I can live my daily life with more intention, gratitude and love. I’m so glad I decided to follow through with this opportunity to learn.


Jinnene Foster

I’m grateful for this experience!

Melanie brings humour, her own depth of experience and a grounded understanding of the human psyche to the teaching of Ayurveda. With great compassion and human-ness she shares this ancient wisdom so that we as students might apply the lessons to our own life and in turn to the lives of our students. I’m grateful for this experience of getting to know myself better through the guidance of such a skilled teacher.


Katherine Wilson
Katherine Wilson Yoga

This training has been an absolute gift!

Such in depth insight into yoga from an Ayurvedic perspective. Melanie is passionate, deeply knowledgeable, caring and extremely inspirational. Thank you from my grateful heart for this experience.


Pascale Fromont
Coastal Bliss Yoga

Madhuri’s training is so deep, her emodiment of Ayurveda so apparent.

She teaches from a deep inner knowing of the science and of herself. She not only teaches on the five elements, she draws upon your five senses; leading us through the most thoughtful and rich yoga classes, deep interactive conversations, and rad dance parties. We became not only acquainted with Ayurveda, but with ourselves.

I am so grateful you and your training came into my life. I can’t thank you enough.

Lindsay Gough

The continuing education I was looking for.

I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Ayurveda with a group of like-minded teachers.

While I know there will be shifts in my teaching, the bigger shifts are already happening in my self-care practice, my yoga practice, the awareness of what I want in my personal environment. Thank you for providing your knowledge and experience.

Melissa Kreiger

The training was a gateway for me to open up a new perspective of life…

This training has opened my eyes to the sister science of yoga. After teaching yoga for twelve years, I feel like I have finally found the missing piece that I have been searching for. This was more than a training for me, but a space to grow and heal. Her teaching is full of wisdom yet her ability to bring this ancient knowledge to layman’s terms was much appreciated.

Mina Khan-Lee

Such a transformative journey!

Melanie's training provided such depth and provided very tangible ways of applying Ayurvedic principles to the practice of yoga.

I feel my own practice has become more skillful and balanced. My students have also reported finding benefits from small, simple seasonal changes that I have offered in my classes. Thank you, Melanie.

Jacqueline M.

Madhuri Method Energy Healing

Melanie’s work is super athletic, graceful and precise…

I first saw Melanie after a long hospital stay. I was recovering from Spinal Meningitis, with complications involving infection of the bone marrow of my spine. I was still on IV antibiotics, my mobility extremely limited, my frame thin, and my strength all but weakened.
Part dancer, part Yogini, and clearly a healer, Melanie is as natural as fresh water from a spring. My only job was to set an intention, and stay open, while she flys at, what feels like, an organizing of the surrounding energy field. The immediate clarity and grounding of the session, was downright brilliant, after months of medications, and a blur of illness.

I am sure of what I know, and from here on in have one thing to say. Whatever the ailment may be, call Melanie!

Kate Potter
Yoga Teacher & Creator – Namaste TV

After the first bio-energy session with Melanie, my digestion immediately improved.

I felt lighter, happier, and like there was less pressure on me. After the third session, my energy levels increased dramatically and I felt ready to return to work again.I think anyone who is feeling emotionally or physically unwell could benefit from working with Melanie.  She is an amazing healer and teacher.

Lindsey Lucky
Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist

Melanie Phillips has revolutionized my understanding of health, healing and spirituality.

Melanie is one of the greatest Ayurvedic teachers and bio-energy healers of our time — her humble, knowledgeable and radiant being awakens anyone in her presence. Her embodiment of compassion, loving kindness and conscious awareness is a true gift to her students.

Sufey Chen
Executive Director, Yoga University

Book Review: Your Irresistible Life

Wonderful book!

Love the book! Very well organized and great for a novice learning how to apply Ayurveda to your daily routine.

The book is very informative and the authors use journal entries with their own experience to highlight their personal experience with incorporating Ayurveda in their own life. It provides a framework for your personal intergration of Ayurveda concepts.

Suggestions for journal questions for you and activities such as starting a vision board are very helpful.

Excellent recipes. Lovely yoga postures for those new to yoga or experienced. I purchased Madhuri's excellent dvd on Ayurvedic Yoga Practices as a supplement to the book.

I hope the authors plan an second book of the concepts of Ayurveda for further learning.

A Your Irresistible Life journal would be a great addition as well.

Thanks for giving me a new path for my Ayurvedic journey!

Jahra - Amazon Review

Five Stars

Great information, easy to understand and use!

Trophy Olson - Amazon Review


Well organized, lots of great ideas for all four seasons. The specific oils and seasonings for your dosha are worth the book's price.

LAMM - Amazon Review

Comprehensive and valuable info.

Many worth while daily rituals, recipes and tips.

Looking forward to implementing what is in this book.

I suggest this book for those who are interested in calling in the sacred flow of the seasons more in their daily lives. 🙂

Artemis Walden - Amazon Review

Very easy to use

This is an excellent book to take you through the seasons as you follow Ayurveda practices. It does assume that you have a working understanding of yoga and Ayurveda. I found the personal routines, yoga and meditations a great guide for my own daily practice. The book is set up in an easy to follow manner.

Karen Greenwood - Amazon Review

I also bought a copy for my daughter!

Great book, written in language easy to understand and apply in our western culture. I have been following the winter program for my body type - Vata - and it has proved very effective. The routines are not complicated or time consuming, very manageable. I also bought a copy for my daughter who has taken several workshops with Mahduri Phillips & she thought it was a wonderful book. In a nutshell I found that the book follows the KISS principle while staying true to the ayurveda philosophy,

Linda - Amazon Review

I love this book!

I love this book! It has wonderful recipes as well as simple yoga sequences. I have bought several and given them away as gifts. I love how it is broken into seasons and easy to follow. I highly recommend this book!

Georgina Kyllo - Amazon Review

Five Stars!

Love this book! I have many Ayurveda books and this one is fav!


Jennifer Strub - Amazon Review

Very cool!

It's simple, it forces you to question yourself and get what you need instead of what you want. the thing is, if you want to follow everything you have to buy some stuff but other than that, it's a beautiful way of life and it helps create a routine and put some order in our lives.

Magali - Amazon Review