When my perceived world came crashing in around me, the universe told me I would benefit from the wisdom and direction of Melanie and her Alchemy of Freedom Mentorship.
In 10 weeks, I have come to see the entire universe in a different light. To see myself in a different light. To see my truth in a bold and abundant way. Her method of deconstructing programs, conditioning and beliefs is what my soul has been craving for, for decades.

Finally, someone who was able to walk me through some dark nights, support me, hold space for me and allow me to flourish and bloom without fear, without judgement. Complete and utter compassionate, empathetic understanding.

I see that I have infinite resources available to me now to see my truth, to feel, my truth. My life has been forever changed by Melanie in such a profound and compassionate way that it inspires me to continue to live my truth and share my medicine, as only I can. My life is now a joyful, easy and brilliant adventure.