Before working with Melanie and experiencing the UNLEASHED Mentorship program, I was feeling stuck and fearful about making decisions in my life, experiencing bouts of anxiety for no apparent reason, seeking clarity, trying to figure out what path to take and mostly trying to figure out who I am at this point on my journey.
Every week there was a little bit more of an inner shift towards understanding myself. Along the way I realized I was no longer experiencing anxiety, I was feeling more peace and more confidence in relying on my intuition.  
Melanie helped me to work through my doubts and especially to see how my thoughts and my perceptions were creating my own suffering.  
I now believe and trust that “I am my own intuitive authority.”
Not only did I feel the transformations within myself but I could see the transformations of those in my group.  
This inner transformation helps me to walk through this world as my most authentic, truest self.  It’s there that I find peace and clarity knowing I get to choose my life and how I show up in it.  
At the end of the day Melanie guides us back into alignment with our true nature. And because it has helped me to understand myself so much better I am choosing to continue to work with Melanie in order to keep understanding, keep growing, keep learning, and keep listening deeply.  This is an investment in love and I recommend UNLEASHED wholeheartedly to anyone seeking any type of direction or growth in their life.”