I cannot recommend Alchemy of Freedom enough!  Prior to my work with Melanie, I had dreams of teaching yoga online and I even hired someone to help me market my new yoga membership. It seemed like a wonderful idea, however, something wasn’t right.  I felt so insecure and so much like an imposter that I didn’t want to sell my membership anymore.  Who would want to take a yoga class from me? I wasn’t special, I didn’t have any mind blowing content to share and I was a brand-new yoga teacher. I felt deflated and defeated.

And then, I found Melanie and everything changed.  She taught me how to shift my thoughts, energy and vibrations to work for me instead of against me.  She taught me how to find alignment from within so that I didn’t need to look externally for feelings of worth and wholeness. Most importantly, she has been a guiding light and a constant reminder that I get to create whatever the hell I want in business and in life!

So now, I am proud of my yoga membership.  I honestly feel like people are missing out if they don’t join (because it’s incredible)!  And, up next?   I want to make $100,000/year.  That will be about double my current income and with Melanie’s help I think I am well on my way! Thanks Melanie!