Thank you so much for taking the time to put together this 10 day challenge. From the very first time I sat listening to you at the Toronto Yoga Festival almost a decade ago, I was inspired by the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda.
I bought your book fresh off the press and dedicated myself to living according to Ayurveda practices.
But I had forgotten many of the lessons.
This course has reminded me to pay attention again.
Thank you for the food prayer. I spent three summers as a Karma yogi on Salt Spring Island at the Salt Spring centre of yoga and I had forgotten that food prayer.
You have reminded me of more than just Ayurveda practices. But also my love of those days of being in service and the wonderful people and their beautiful energy .
I am most grateful for the love of Ayurveda that you have shared over and over in my life!
Om Shanti.