I knew I needed help and guidance that went far beyond standard allopathic medical approaches. Melanie has helped guide me past numerous self-created obstacles and self-limiting beliefs – things that neither doctors nor therapists have been able to do. Thank goodness I worked through my resistance to investing in my personal well-being!

Melanie met me exactly where I was, (“I don’t know what to eat, I’m tired all the time, my digestion doesn’t work, I hate my job….” among many more complaints), listening with love, and giving me tools that WORK!

The benefits of working with Melanie are real (long-term digestive/elimination problems cleared up almost immediately), but the truly incredible thing about working with Melanie is that she has the wisdom, knowledge and spiritual/psychological insight to go far beyond dealing with specific “symptoms”. With Melanie’s guidance, I am re-tuning all aspects of my life (body, mind, external circumstances) – coming into a state of balance and reconnecting with my authentic self. I am, in short, coming into my own, and Melanie is the guiding force behind that. I have learned that significant change, and moving past long-standing issues, does not have to take a long time. Positive change can happen in an instant!

I wholeheartedly recommend Melanie to anyone who feels even slightly “off-course”. If you feel stuck – mentally, physically, or if you feel like you just need some guidance and support to push through to a fuller, richer, more authentic life – make the investment in your own well-being, and allow Melanie to guide and support you on your journey.