After a lifetime of wrestling with childhood trauma, clinical depression, and host of self-defeating beliefs and behaviours, I emerged from this mentorship with a sense of self-mastery and understanding that is incredible. I strongly encourage you to invest in the Inner Empowerment Mentorship Program with Melanie Phillips. You will become part of an intimate, mutually supportive group of people, guided by Melanie’s teaching. Along with the teaching, Melanie provides you with an abundance of tools and practices that will empower you to live your best life. Invest in your own well-being, it will help not only you, but all of the people around you!

Having a wise and caring guide to light the way is everything. When the path disappears completely, leaving you wondering whether you are on a path at all, or just stumbling alone in a void, a beacon reassures you that – in spite of whatever darkness, pain, or fear surrounds you – you are moving through it, and there is light up ahead. Thank you for being that beacon. Much love and gratitude to you.