Cleansing: More Then Just the Food

Doing a cleanse is far more then just changing the foods that you’re eating or cutting out coffee and alcohol.   When you choose to cleanse you are choosing to take time out of your busy schedule to honour rest and rejuvenation. It is essential to do less, work less, talk less and ‘unplug’ to [...]

Cleansing: More Then Just the Food2017-07-28T16:37:59-08:00

Weight Loss: Sustainable & Attainable through Ayurveda

I wish that I could offer you a tiny magic pill so that you would automatically feel younger, look sexy first thing in the morning even after a bad sleep, and always have your ideal body weight.   I can’t do that, but what I can offer you is a way to eat, live, and [...]

Weight Loss: Sustainable & Attainable through Ayurveda2017-07-28T16:53:05-08:00

Weight Loss through Ayurveda (w. Video)

Lose those last stubborn 5-10 lbs naturally without having to diet or restrict yourself. Join Madhuri for this free, content rich webinar where you will learn: how to get to your ideal, healthy body weight naturally, without dieting why what you eat is NOT as important as this one thing! Ayurvedic [...]

Weight Loss through Ayurveda (w. Video)2017-07-28T16:58:25-08:00
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