Ayurvedic spring cleanse, you say?

Being an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I see the world through the eyes of Ayurveda. Everyone is unique and needs something different according to their personal prakruti or natural doshic make-up. By understanding someone’s natural state and their current state of imbalance (vikruti) I am able to discern exactly what treatment protocol would be most appropriate. Other things to [...]

Ayurvedic spring cleanse, you say?2019-07-25T13:43:13-08:00

Yoga & Ayurveda Must Do’s for Spring

There are ways you can tweak your food and lifestyle choices to feel amazing this Spring!   Following a seasonal routine (ritucharya) is important so that your body and mind can more easily adapt to the changes and you can thrive no matter what the season. This includes shifting your yoga practice to stay in rhythm. [...]

Yoga & Ayurveda Must Do’s for Spring2017-07-19T17:05:47-08:00
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