Rock the Boat Immersion

It’s so easy to forget that you’re really crafting a life and that there is so much more available to experience in this abundant, limitless universe.

Rock the Boat Immersion2024-02-16T11:49:10-08:00

Sacred Leadership Immersion

Leaders go first. Even when it’s difficult. Even when there’s fear. Even when the path is unknown. Especially when the path is unknown…

Sacred Leadership Immersion2024-02-02T09:16:14-08:00

Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume

I was mesmerized when I met Tizzle (L'lia Thomas), the brain behind Soul SiSTAR Mystique featuring Aromachaura, in the mystical Mount Shasta. It felt like I was meeting with a soul sister as we bonded over a shared love for art, perfumes, and all things divine. Tizzle's knack for creating personalized perfume blends left me in [...]

Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume2023-08-23T11:30:16-08:00
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