What are YOU eating this Summer? (Recipe)

Summer Meal Ideas and Smoothie Recipe- Breakfast: Sweet, light grains such as basmati rice with coconut milk, sprinkled with saffron or fennel are a nourishing breakfast in the Summer. Add spices, seeds, herbs, and dried fruits from your Summer Food Guide for a satisfying meal to start your day off right. • Sweet fruits melded [...]

What are YOU eating this Summer? (Recipe)2017-07-28T14:19:53-08:00

My Fave Summer Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies seem to be all the rage these days, have you noticed?   In Ayurveda we don't recommend smoothies all year long as they are cool, damp, heavy, and often hard to digest for some.   BUT...as the weather has warmed up I've been craving yummy morning smoothies or as a snack throughout the day. [...]

My Fave Summer Smoothie Recipe2017-07-28T16:19:55-08:00
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