Living After Loss: 10 Years After Suicide

In this episode of the "Be the Light" podcast, I commemorate the ten-year anniversary of my partner's suicide by sharing five principles of transformation that I've learned through my own healing journey. I talk about the fleeting nature of life, how healing doesn't follow a straight path, the strength that comes from taking control of [...]

Living After Loss: 10 Years After Suicide2024-05-26T15:45:19-08:00

Owning Your Unique Medicine Immersion

You must step into the unknown for this transformation to happen. You must literally walk into the void space and surrender before the truth will be revealed.

Owning Your Unique Medicine Immersion2023-11-22T08:49:18-08:00

Importance of Real-Time Alignment with Self in Transforming Your Life

Have you ever faced a fear that made your heart race and your mind spin with thoughts of failure? In this episode I share a personal experience of rock climbing in Squamish, where I had to confront my fear of heights and falling. I had the opportunity to practice and embody a spiritual concept that [...]

Importance of Real-Time Alignment with Self in Transforming Your Life2023-06-12T16:57:35-08:00

Anchoring into the Void

The void, the abyss, the dark night, the journey into the great mystery...what if it doesn't have to envelop you? Is it possible to root into something in the unknown that can bring solace and possibly even be the birth place for the greatest version of yourself yet? In this episode I explore the 2 [...]

Anchoring into the Void2022-07-11T15:58:14-08:00

Is Excess Weight Weighing you Down?

I wish that I could offer you a tiny magic pill so that you would automatically feel younger, look sexy first thing in the morning even after a bad sleep, and always have your ideal body weight.   I can’t do that, but what I can offer you is a way to eat, live, and [...]

Is Excess Weight Weighing you Down?2017-07-19T16:56:38-08:00

How to Explode Your Heart Open

Night after night for over six months we would all gather. 500 of us crammed in a room, sitting on the hard, cold, marble floor, chanting in a call and response format. Singing kirtan.   Evening kirtan at the ashram was by far my favorite time of day. After hours of karma yoga (which often [...]

How to Explode Your Heart Open2017-07-19T16:57:29-08:00

Reclaim Your Power Webinar (w. Video)

Yesterday I was vomiting violently into the toilet bowl--a bout of food poisoning that was debilitating and exhausting. I heaved and purged from both ends and wondered how I would be able to show up for this webinar.I took some of my own advice (that I share with you on my webinar for shifting your mindset and [...]

Reclaim Your Power Webinar (w. Video)2017-07-28T16:25:03-08:00
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