What if you work FOR Source?

I know how much you care—about others, about living a conscious life, about your family, the state of the world and even perfect strangers.  You pour your heart into the work you do it the world and it truly touches and transforms your clients lives. And yet, have you found yourself working so much that [...]

What if you work FOR Source?2024-06-01T10:44:40-08:00

Manifest Your Dream Life: Beyond scarcity, lack & not enough-ness

Manifest Your Dream Life: Beyond scarcity, lack & not enough-ness I was influenced very early on in my yogic training to believe that desire was bad and that it is only ego that desires. This was counter to Vision Quest training I did where ‘desire’ was crucial to knowing our own heart and how the [...]

Manifest Your Dream Life: Beyond scarcity, lack & not enough-ness2023-12-12T10:40:10-08:00

Owning Your Unique Medicine Immersion

You must step into the unknown for this transformation to happen. You must literally walk into the void space and surrender before the truth will be revealed.

Owning Your Unique Medicine Immersion2023-11-22T08:49:18-08:00

Decoding the Art of Adventure

Experience the thrill of the wild with our special guest, Eduardo, an internationally acclaimed adventure travel guide and accomplished. With a career spanning since 2000, Eduardo brings a wealth of knowledge on wilderness adventure and a deep-seated passion for sustainability and ecotourism. Discover his exceptional achievements, which include founding the Nature Reserve Chakra and heading team [...]

Decoding the Art of Adventure2023-08-05T12:23:17-08:00

Belief Versus Truth

Tune into this 12 minute episode of the Be The Light Podcast where I answer a client question regarding belief versus truth. What is a belief and what really is true? Listen to a story about the collective glass ceiling and what it takes for something to become possible in our reality. What are you [...]

Belief Versus Truth2023-02-02T08:50:58-08:00

Damn, I did it again! Why is it so hard to find a fork?

In this episode find out about my ongoing saga with my cutlery tray and how it was a fabulous teacher for me in showing me exactly how we get programmed and act unconsciously. I work with my clients to support them in reprogramming their conditioning that is keeping them in any state of suffering (physical, [...]

Damn, I did it again! Why is it so hard to find a fork?2022-12-29T07:53:18-08:00
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