My Fave Summer Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies seem to be all the rage these days, have you noticed?   In Ayurveda we don't recommend smoothies all year long as they are cool, damp, heavy, and often hard to digest for some. the weather has warmed up I've been craving yummy morning smoothies or as a snack throughout the day. [...]

My Fave Summer Smoothie Recipe2017-07-28T16:19:55-08:00

Get Your Spring On: Ayurvedic Tips for Success this Spring

I love the naturalness of the Ayurvedic perspective-looking at how we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.   When this is understood we start to pay closer attention to the subtleties within our own body and also in the environment around us.   Following a seasonal routine (ritucharya) is important so that your body and [...]

Get Your Spring On: Ayurvedic Tips for Success this Spring2017-07-19T16:59:29-08:00

Cleansing: More Then Just the Food

Doing a cleanse is far more then just changing the foods that you’re eating or cutting out coffee and alcohol.   When you choose to cleanse you are choosing to take time out of your busy schedule to honour rest and rejuvenation. It is essential to do less, work less, talk less and ‘unplug’ to [...]

Cleansing: More Then Just the Food2017-07-28T16:37:59-08:00
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