An adventure of a lifetime. (I almost didn’t go.)

“I have to go home and work.” I almost didn’t go to the pub that evening. But something inside of me urged me to go for a bite to eat with my friends. What happened that evening was so synchronistic... I ended up leaving early the very next morning for the adventure of a lifetime. [...]

An adventure of a lifetime. (I almost didn’t go.)2022-08-03T16:22:28-08:00

Anchoring into the Void

The void, the abyss, the dark night, the journey into the great mystery...what if it doesn't have to envelop you? Is it possible to root into something in the unknown that can bring solace and possibly even be the birth place for the greatest version of yourself yet? In this episode I explore the 2 [...]

Anchoring into the Void2022-07-11T15:58:14-08:00

Event: sacred solstice ceremony

Sacred Solstice Ceremony for Empowered Healing & Transformation When: Sunday December 18th, 6:30-8:30pm Where: Kitsilano, Vancouver  Investment: $40 As we near the year's end, it's the perfect time to say goodbye to 2016 and get clear about how you would like to move into 2017.  In honour of the winter solstice and moving back into the [...]

Event: sacred solstice ceremony2017-07-19T17:09:01-08:00

Sacred ceremony for empowered healing and transformation

Join me for a deep-dive into releasing what’s no longer serving you on your soul’s journey. If you’ve been struggling with physical symptoms, mental or emotional stress, or feeling disconnected from your purpose and your self then this evening is for you. Through sacred ceremony, setting clear intentions, chanting, journaling and silence we will call [...]

Sacred ceremony for empowered healing and transformation2017-07-19T17:09:42-08:00

The Meaning of Life

Recently I was approached by the Excellence Reporter and asked to contribute an article on the "Meaning of Life." A daunting  task. So here is what came from my heart:   Despite decades of meditation and self-inquiry work, it was after the sudden loss of my partner that I was faced with the harsh reality of [...]

The Meaning of Life2017-07-28T13:42:50-08:00

Ayurvedic Solutions for Gas and Bloating (w. Video)

In Ayurveda, excess gas or flatulence is considered and imbalance of vata (air and ether). Watch the video below to learn some simple and effective tips for reducing the build up of vata in the colon and have relief.  

Ayurvedic Solutions for Gas and Bloating (w. Video)2017-07-29T09:22:44-08:00
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