Anchoring into the Void

The void, the abyss, the dark night, the journey into the great mystery...what if it doesn't have to envelop you? Is it possible to root into something in the unknown that can bring solace and possibly even be the birth place for the greatest version of yourself yet? In this episode I explore the 2 [...]

Anchoring into the Void2022-07-11T15:58:14-08:00

Part 3: Success Isn’t Linear

PART 3: THE STAGES OF SUCCESS For me the roller coaster of excitement and anticipation through the phases of hard work and determination moved into doubt and fatigue, escalated into grief, loss and anger, which opened the doorways for forgiveness and acceptance before I even got to the summit. Moments of sheer bliss and exuberance [...]

Part 3: Success Isn’t Linear2017-03-30T10:58:53-08:00

The Yoga of Faith: The Grand Teton Mountain 13,770 ft

PART 1   Silent.   Hovering.   Floating through the air at 5am…slivers of light piercing the cumulus and reaching my skin.   I wondered… How do we actually fly? How are we really being propelled through the sky in this tiny piece of metal?   I sat in the back of the bitty four-seater [...]

The Yoga of Faith: The Grand Teton Mountain 13,770 ft2017-07-19T17:01:36-08:00
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