Living After Loss: 10 Years After Suicide

In this episode of the "Be the Light" podcast, I commemorate the ten-year anniversary of my partner's suicide by sharing five principles of transformation that I've learned through my own healing journey. I talk about the fleeting nature of life, how healing doesn't follow a straight path, the strength that comes from taking control of [...]

Living After Loss: 10 Years After Suicide2024-05-26T15:45:19-08:00

Harnessing the Power of the Divine Feminine

In this episode I'm answering a question from one of my clients inside of a group Mentorship program where the question arose about the divine feminine and how to get back in touch with it if we've been operating from the distorted masculine energy (push, do more, don't rest, don't listen to the deeper whispers [...]

Harnessing the Power of the Divine Feminine2024-03-23T16:30:36-08:00

UNLEASHED Mentorship Program

You didn’t come here to follow the crowd, do what you’re told or live a life of mediocrity. You didn’t come here to be engulfed by external situations, feel constantly exhausted and not enough. You didn’t come here to just get by or be disempowered by the external happenings in your life and the world. [...]

UNLEASHED Mentorship Program2024-03-14T10:30:49-08:00

Belief Versus Truth

Tune into this 12 minute episode of the Be The Light Podcast where I answer a client question regarding belief versus truth. What is a belief and what really is true? Listen to a story about the collective glass ceiling and what it takes for something to become possible in our reality. What are you [...]

Belief Versus Truth2023-02-02T08:50:58-08:00

Damn, I did it again! Why is it so hard to find a fork?

In this episode find out about my ongoing saga with my cutlery tray and how it was a fabulous teacher for me in showing me exactly how we get programmed and act unconsciously. I work with my clients to support them in reprogramming their conditioning that is keeping them in any state of suffering (physical, [...]

Damn, I did it again! Why is it so hard to find a fork?2022-12-29T07:53:18-08:00
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