Transform Your Life: The Power of Creating a Healing Environment

In this Be The Light episode I riff on the importance of creating an environment for healing. My bias of course is the holistic approach, where all aspects that contribute to healing and thriving must be considered. I suggest choosing one area of life that needs healing and looking at what type of environment is [...]

Transform Your Life: The Power of Creating a Healing Environment2023-04-12T19:21:21-08:00

UNLEASHED Mentorship Program

You didn’t come here to follow the crowd, do what you’re told or live a life of mediocrity. You didn’t come here to be engulfed by external situations, feel constantly exhausted and not enough. You didn’t come here to just get by or be disempowered by the external happenings in your life and the world. [...]

UNLEASHED Mentorship Program2023-06-06T15:23:07-08:00

Belief Versus Truth

Tune into this 12 minute episode of the Be The Light Podcast where I answer a client question regarding belief versus truth. What is a belief and what really is true? Listen to a story about the collective glass ceiling and what it takes for something to become possible in our reality. What are you [...]

Belief Versus Truth2023-02-02T08:50:58-08:00

Energy Healing Transmission: GRACE

This powerful energy healing transmission, GRACE, will support you in reprogramming limiting subconscious programs so you can operate from your soul’s alignment, not your ego’s conditioning. When we disconnect from the energy that created us and all that is, we open up a gap in consciousness that allows programs rooted in fear and lack to [...]

Energy Healing Transmission: GRACE2022-05-26T09:52:19-08:00
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