Ayurveda for Real Life Webinar (w. Video)

Improve your sleep, digestion & energy! What you will learn: What Ayurveda is and why it works, even 5000+ years after it’s birth Ayurvedic tools to fall asleep and stay asleep Why any digestive issues (even mild ones) may be very dangerous to your health Ayurvedic secrets for increased energy & improving your moods Time for Q&A with me!   If you [...]

Ayurveda for Real Life Webinar (w. Video)2017-07-28T16:15:05-08:00

Yummy Ayurvedic Winter Coconut Curry

I have to admit, I'm not the best cook in the world. I like to make things that are simple, quick, and delicious!   This meal is a great Winter meal that you can whip up quickly. Use it as a guideline and feel free to increase/ decrease quantities, add/ subtract ingredients.     Let [...]

Yummy Ayurvedic Winter Coconut Curry2017-07-28T16:36:09-08:00

Ayurvedic Solutions for Gas and Bloating (w. Video)

In Ayurveda, excess gas or flatulence is considered and imbalance of vata (air and ether). Watch the video below to learn some simple and effective tips for reducing the build up of vata in the colon and have relief.  

Ayurvedic Solutions for Gas and Bloating (w. Video)2017-07-29T09:22:44-08:00
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