Sacred Wealth

5 Module Online Accelerator and Immersion Program to activate the Power of Worthiness, Possibility, and Abundance

Would you like to heal your relationship to money, your finances and your ability to receive with ease and joy?

We’ve all got a money story that carries an imprint that impacts us on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. 

The limiting beliefs we hold (often unconsciously) rooted in lack and scarcity rule our day-to-day and affect all aspects of life.

What would it feel like to no longer contract when you go to pay a bill? To be at ease when someone offers to buy you dinner? Or raise your rates without guilt or shame?

Join me for a powerful immersion to heal and redefine your relationship with the energy of money so you no longer carry tension in your mind-body around any aspect of money and wealth.

Experience inner freedom and a paradigm shift around what money is, what it isn’t and how to be empowered with your finances.

This unique program focuses on healing the deep subconscious layers of conditioning that are preventing you from feeling open to receiving, creating more wealth, and truly feeling abundant no matter how much money you have in your bank account. 

This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to create an easy and joyful relationship with money (even if that sounds crazy to you because you’ve always struggled with money).

  • Don’t feel worthy and deserving of having all you dream of.

  • You grew up hearing, “You have to work hard for money.”, or, “You can’t have everything you want.”

  • You carry any guilt or shame around having or not having money.

  • You feel overwhelmed or out of control with your finances.

  • You feel judgement or jealousy towards those that have what you want or, “have it easy.”

  • You’re ready to release ancestral and cultural wounding around money.

  • You feel stress around money and know it’s creating imbalance in your body-mind.

  • Crave relief from pressures associated with money and desire a new way to live your life and be in Divine flow with your finances.

Sacred Wealth FullCup

This immersion is for conscious seekers on a spiritual path ready to experience ease and freedom in relationship to money. Join me and learn how to use your life circumstances and the energy of money as a path of spiritual liberation.

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Through the 5 modules you will:

  • Be guided through a different sacred teaching and paradigm shift around money in every module.

  • Be guided through journaling and reflection prompts for healing your money wounds.

  • Receive 4 powerful Energy Healing transmissions to support you in reprogramming your limiting subconscious beliefs around scarcity, lack, and financial burden.

What’s Included:

  • 5 video and audio modules with interactive experiences, exercises and teachings to transform your perspective and relationship to the energy of money.

  • Weekly healing prayers to recalibrate your attitude towards money, abundance, and freedom.

  • 4 Energy Healing transmissions to reprogram your subconscious ideas and beliefs around money.

  • 5 pdf handouts.

  • Lifetime access to these resources. 

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Many appreciation from my heart. 

Since taking the Sacred Wealth Immersion, I finally feel abundant for the first time in many years. Before the experience, I always felt lack in some way. The program helped me to recognize where abundance is and how I can access it anytime.

Rong R.

So helpful!

Melanie’s Sacred Wealth course helped reinforce and reframe healthier ways of interacting with abundance, as both an inside-out job and outside-in process and exchange.

Jenn C

I wholeheartedly recommend this course as an investment in yourself.

Through Melanie’s Sacred Wealth Immersion I gained invaluable tools that helped me to dive deep to understand how my limiting beliefs were creating my own energy blocks to receiving.

The weekly prayers for transforming money were invaluable and a form of meditation that helped me to let go, surrender and trust. I found a simplicity and sweetness in the course that was empowering.  Where there was once a feeling of heaviness surrounding money and wealth and abundance there is now a lightness that is freeing and peaceful. 

When I learned about staying “in abundance” and “in gratitude” my energy shifted tremendously.  There were so many golden nuggets of wisdom interlaced throughout the course that even if you think you have a healthy relationship to money and wealth, you would still benefit from the lessons. 

Victoria S

Choose your option to join the Sacred Wealth Program:


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