Be The Light Podcast

Living After Loss: 10 Years After Suicide

In this episode of the "Be the Light" podcast, I commemorate the ten-year anniversary of my partner's suicide by sharing five principles of transformation that I've learned through my own healing journey. I talk about [...]

How I created my annual income in 90 days

In this episode, I'll take you through my personal odyssey of transforming my relationship with money and spirituality. I'll share the raw moments of reluctance I faced when considering charging for spiritual services and the [...]

Harnessing the Power of the Divine Feminine

In this episode I'm answering a question from one of my clients inside of a group Mentorship program where the question arose about the divine feminine and how to get back in touch with it [...]

Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume

I was mesmerized when I met Tizzle (L'lia Thomas), the brain behind Soul SiSTAR Mystique featuring Aromachaura, in the mystical Mount Shasta. It felt like I was meeting with a soul sister as we bonded over [...]

Decoding the Art of Adventure

Experience the thrill of the wild with our special guest, Eduardo, an internationally acclaimed adventure travel guide and accomplished. With a career spanning since 2000, Eduardo brings a wealth of knowledge on wilderness adventure and [...]

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