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Yoga Teachers…How to Walk Your Talk (w. Video)

Here’s what you’ll learn: How to walk your talk without having to be perfect. What’s getting in your way of feeling 100% authentic when you teach. How to dissolve fear and anxiety around [...]

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraping: How & Why (w. Video)

This is my favourite Ayurvedic technique because anyone can do it (and should) and it takes about 10 seconds of your day. Scrape your tongue and reduce bad breath and clear undesirable toxins (ama) that [...]

Ayurveda for Real Life (w. Video)

I can't fathom how people can live without Ayurveda. Here's what I'm offering to help...Ayurveda for Real Life online program is coming up! Register for the early bird by May 19th! Check it out HERE! [...]

Ayurveda for Real Life Webinar (w. Video)

Improve your sleep, digestion & energy! What you will learn: What Ayurveda is and why it works, even 5000+ years after it’s birth Ayurvedic tools to fall asleep and stay asleep Why any digestive issues (even mild ones) may [...]

Oil Pulling in Ayurveda (w. Video)

How to do Oil Pulling: Scrape your tongue Swish 1 Tbsp organic sesame oil/ coconut oil/ Daily Swish for 10-20 minutes before spitting out Brush & floss

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