The Disease to Please…

About 90% of the people I work with have this disease.

I used to feel bad pointing out I’d been overcharged in a store, breaking up with a boyfriend that was a jerk to me, saying no when I was exhausted, and taking care of myself.

I admit. I’m a recovering ‘pleaser.’

It seems to be a prevalent condition that’s rampant among wo-man kind.

Many of the clients and students I work with struggle with this too.

It’s a big deal. Do you know why?


1) Your time and energy are the greatest commodities you have.

2) Life is passing by (this moment and where you put your attention matters).

3) The disease to please leads to real dis-ease either physically, mentally, emotionally, or on all levels.

4) Those who default to pleasing hold a vibration of lack, scarcity, fear, and low self-worth.

5) When you go against your truth you betray and abandon yourself, leaving you unable to trust yourself.

It’s no joke.

When you constantly live out of sync with who your soul came here to be your life force gets diminished.

This leads to: depression, anxiety, digestive problems, hormonal issues, fatigue, brain fog, and a whole host of issues that leave you less than stoked about your life.

In this Masterclass, we’ll focus on clearing the limiting beliefs and perceptions around the ‘pleaser wound.’ In this hour long class I will guide you through a ThetaHealing process that has the potential to release you from these deep seated patterns.

And if you’re wanting to go deeper into clearing limiting perceptions and beliefs and living the most magnificent version of yourself possible, my intimate group Inner Empowerment Mentorship begins soon. Fill out an application for more details and to have a conversation to see if this program would serve you at this time or not.