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Free Masterclass: Healing the ‘Pleaser’ Wound


Join me as my guest for a complementary transformative experience. In this Masterclass we will explore healing the parts of us that have gone outside of our true nature to please others at the detriment of our own being. Often this is unconscious. It can lead to a whole host of challenges; physically, mentally, emotionally, [...]

Inner Empowerment Mentorship Program – Online Feb 16th, 2021


Do you wish you had someone who could help you hone in on what it is that’s keeping you stagnant…those health symptoms you know are trying to get your attention but you keep ignoring them…the mild anxiety that keeps you spinning and worrying or the low grade depression that’s stuck in your body and effecting [...]

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers FREE Webinar

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers: 5 Tips to Mindfully bring Ayurveda into your yoga classes and life In this complementary webinar we will delve into how to weave in Ayurvedic principles into your classes and personal practice to experience greater levels of health and energetic alignment with the 5 elements. I will share with you 5 essential elements [...]

Ayurveda for Spring Masterclass REPLAY. Available until:


In this mini-masterclass REPLAY you will discover the incredible philosophy and practice of eating and living according to the seasons through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Melanie will share with you how to choose the most ideal foods to pacify kapha (earth + water) which we are all affected by in the spring season. Learn which [...]

Sacred Wealth Immersion


4 Week Online Immersion to activate the power of worthiness, possibility, and abundance Would you like to heal your relationship to money, your finances and your ability to receive with ease and joy? We’ve all got a money story that carries an imprint that impacts us on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The [...]


Replenish + Rejuvenate: Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat, June 3-5, Salt Spring Island, BC

Salt Spring Centre Of Yoga Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

Replenish + Rejuvenate: Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat June 3-5th, 2022 4-6th Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, Salt Spring Island, BC Would you like to press the reset button by deeply restoring your nervous system and releasing accumulated stress and pressure? How about a weekend dedicated entirely to your well-being and rejuvenation? Come away with me for [...]

FREE 10 Day Ayurveda Self-Care Challenge


We all want to feel GREAT … and so often it seems overwhelming to take the first steps to get there. You are too busy or don’t know where to even start! Seasonal changes are THE BEST time to get back on track, and I want to help you! That’s why I created a completely [...]