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I know how much you care—about others, about living a conscious life, about your family, the state of the world and even perfect strangers. 

You pour your heart into the work you do it the world and it truly touches and transforms your clients lives.

And yet, have you found yourself working so much that you don’t have time to take care of yourself, get to that yoga class, or sit down for your meditation? 

Or you wish you could spend more quality time with your kids as you see them growing so quickly?

Or actually go on that dream vacation to Italy in first class?

Or simply have the capacity to cook a nutritious and delicious meal and have a soak in the bath with a candle?

I hear you. And I have a hunch that you may not yet be aligning yourself and your business in the most easeful, abundant way…

You see, if you think you’re “self-employed” or “work for yourself” or even if you believe you’re the “CEO of your company” then you’re spending a lot more energy and effort than necessary. 

In fact, there’s a way of being that is different and far more effective and even fun, when you know you actually work for the Divine (and design your business from this understanding).

This is one of the key elements to opening up to receive greater abundance with less effort. Because you’re creating with God, not from your ego (and the ego won’t like you to acknowledge this).

But once you understand the energetics of aligning your intentions, actions and strategies from a soul-centred place, everything changes. Yes, everything begins to reorient and restructure itself around your divine purpose. 

This means you can live in flow, from your authentic self without fear of being visible or speaking up. This means you know your inherent worth and are unapologetic about showing up fully and wholly and your unique magnificent self.

Join me for this powerful live training where we will delve into consciously shifting the burden of running your own business to simply being a vehicle for the Divine to move through.

For me personally this has allowed me to: 

  • make more money while working less hours
  • open up the channels of creativity inside of my life and business
  • only do what I really want to do, not what I think I should do
  • ditch outdated paradigms of trying to “figure out” the right strategy/ golden ticket
  • live more in harmony with my feminine energy
  • feel greater vibrancy, energy and vitality as I age! 

Sunday June 2nd, 9-10:30am Pacific Time

See you Sunday for this incredible paradigm shifting journey! And yes, if you can’t make it live you will receive the REPLAY. 😉

Investment: $44 CAN


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