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The Yoga of Saying NO: Reclaiming Your Freedom without Guilt

Join me for this 75 minute long online Masterclass where we will dive deeply into patterns of being a people pleaser that suck your life force and lead you to making unsupportive choices over and over again. I will offer you practical tools and perspectives for living your life from a place of inner empowerment and freedom without guilt.

You will be guided:
  • to identify where you say yes when you really want to say no (people pleasing)
  • how going against your inner wisdom damages your health and immune system
  • through a powerful energy healing to shift subconscious beliefs that keep you disempowered and feeling like a victim
  • to reclaim your authentic yes without feeling guilty about saying no
  • how to cultivate more vitality, energy, better sleep, and digestion by learning where your no lives inside you and when to utilize it!
All are welcome. Share with your friends.

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