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Deep within you lies the intricate blueprint of your soul’s most magnificent expression, patiently waiting to be fully activated and unleashed.

The time for this awakening is now.

Living from your true nature is the only place you’ll feel true peace, fulfillment, alignment, vitality, and feeling like you’re on purpose as your soul intended.

The power of this work is that you get to see and experience your life and yourself from the perspective of the divine and then choose to live in accordance with the version of yourself. It is a literal paradigm shift.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been dancing around and very close to your soul’s essence for eons but not fully allowing yourself to embody all of your magnificence, wisdom, power, and abundance.

But within you, there burns a relentless yearning to see your vision come alive—to live as your most authentic self.

If you resonate with this longing, this weekend immersion is for you. It’s for those who are devoted to realizing their highest potential in this lifetime, no longer willing to project their power onto external factors.

It’s for those ready to take a quantum leap towards true abundance and freedom, eager to integrate new concepts and ideas into their lives with genuine embodiment.

I’m a genius at facilitating spiritually-oriented ambitious individuals and groups through sacred experiences of revealing and activating the magnificence within.

Join us at the serene and inspired Spirit School in downtown Squamish, where we’ll embark on our journey under the full moon on Friday evening, concluding on Sunday at midday.

June 21-23rd, Squamish, BC

What’s included:

  • Transformative teachings on sacred alignment to create a quantum leap in your life
  • Sacred manifestation ceremony
  • Energy healing meditation activations
  • Embodiment practices
  • Morning yoga/movement sessions
  • Two nourishing continental breakfasts
  • 1:1 coaching inside of the group immersion

What’s not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Lunch/dinner


Early bird: $1200 CAN total

After May 29th: $1350

Register HERE!

Are you ready to step into your fullest expression? Join me on this sacred journey.

My clients have transformations such as:

  • doubling their income within a month
  • finding true love after years of being single
  • increasing their self-worth and establishing healthy boundaries
  • speaking up and becoming more visible when it used to terrify them to be seen or heard in their authenticity
  • improving their health, healing long-standing imbalances
  • writing their first book and publishing it
  • stepping into their power as a leader, coach, mother, healer, and entrepreneur
  • creating the life of their dreams-working remotely and travelling half of the year

Here’s the catch. You must step into the void for this transformation to happen.



You must literally walk into the dark space and surrender to what is real and true for you, regardless of what has happened in your life and who you’ve been until now.

This is where most people fall short—they’re not willing or able (haven’t been taught) to want what they want and create the miraculous in their lives. This is the work we will do together inside of this immersion.

If you’re ready, I’m here to guide you in creating a life aligned with what you truly desire to create. This isn’t magical thinking, its deep spiritual practice and attunement (and it’s not as far off as you may think).


If you’ve had enough of

holding back from expressing your truth and genuine feelings;

if you know there’s more;

if you’re on the precipice of claiming authorship over your life but something is still preventing you from being in your power fully;

if you’ve been suppressing your desires and dreams so much that you don’t even know what you want anymore;

if you’ve been waiting for others to validate you and give you permission;

if it feels risky to hold a greater dream, desire, or vision for your life;

if you’ve had enough of feeling like a victim or living in scarcity and lack;

if you waiver in your faith and belief that life really wants you to thrive;

if you want to understand how to create a life that reflects your souls calling;

if you say you love yourself but your inner dialogue isn’t very loving;

if you’ve woken up the the fact that life is passing by;

if you want to know yourself without all of your conditioned limiting beliefs;

if you want to explore what’s possible for you in your life;

if you want to experience greater health, abundance, joy, fun, and adventure;

if you know you need to learn to receive;

if you’re ready to manifest your true heart’s desire…

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Transformational results in love:

“The biggest takeaway for me was that we get to choose how we live and what we think. There are no limits. I can be free!”



“A spiritually bonding experience! I learned to be aware of myself and a feeling of deeper self worth. It was meaningful. I’m grateful. It was loving. I feel enlightened. It was a life gift.”


“Before working with Melanie, I was feeling stuck and fearful about making decisions in my life, experiencing bouts of anxiety for no apparent reason, seeking clarity, trying to figure out what path to take and mostly trying to figure out who I am at this point on my journey.
Melanie helped me to work through my doubts and especially to see how my thoughts and my perceptions were creating my own suffering. I now believe and trust that ‘I am my own intuitive authority.At the end of the day Melanie guides us back into alignment with our true nature.”
-Victoria S

“This weekend was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I was ready for and needed guidance towards my current goals and towards letting go of what was holding me back. Melanie guided us so gently and with deep wisdom. After this weekend, I feel ready for the changes that need to take place in my life. I also trust that I will handle them with grace and a glad heart.”

-Paulina K


“This was my fourth retreat with Melanie and each time it brings me closer to me. She guides me to discover and rediscover myself through healing and nurturing practices; gently, kindly and with such wisdom that amazes me. Thank you Melanie!”

-Vittoria B


“This weekend has been magical and deeply nourishing. Melanie has a beautiful gift with her enthusiasm and support she gives to us all. Inviting transformation and deep insight with each practice and circle sharing.

I loved this time and I feel nourished and whole. Renewed for this precious journey of Life.

Much gratitude and love.”


*All immersion fees are non refundable and non transferable.

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