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Leaders go first.

Even when it’s difficult.

Even when there’s fear.

Even when the path is unknown.

Especially when the path is unknown…

Leadership isn’t about having all the answers in advance, captivating speeches, or seeking approval. It demands an intimate understanding of yourself and an unwavering commitment to living in alignment with your dharma.

If you are poised to make a profound impact, elevate your income, and undergo an inner metamorphosis, I invite you to join me in this three-part immersion.

Within this transformative experience, we will delve into the six pivotal elements that empower you to step into greater leadership in both your personal and professional spheres.

We’ll unveil leadership as your sacred spiritual calling, exploring how you’ve been uniquely summoned to lead in this lifetime.

Examining the dance of masculine and feminine energies in your life, we’ll uncover how they contribute to expansion or impede progress. You will discover how to amplify your influence on the world and open the floodgates of abundance in your life and business as an act of love.

This immersion will deepen and expand your sacred journey of partnership with the Divine, and your inner wisdom, yielding profound quantum results. I will reveal the sacred key to living unapologetically and visibly—the place where fear, imposter syndrome, and unworthiness dissolve as we uncover the unclaimed aspects of your leadership.

Through sacred ceremonies, energy transmissions, live coaching, and channeled support, you’ll be uplifted, inspired, and aligned with the authentic leader within you, driven by love and fierceness. 

As you embrace and embody your unique leadership qualities, you’ll unlock a greater flow of life-force through you, creating a foundation for success in all aspects of your life. 

This immersion is crafted for those committed to transcending fear-based programming, scarcity, and limitations, choosing instead to embody the frequency of liberation, true abundance, and love as a form of service.

Join me on this transformative inner journey:

~ 3 days: February 5th, 7th, 9th

~ 7-8 am Pacific Time (Vancouver/ LA) daily

~ Replays for all sessions will be provided

~ $144 

If you’re ready to shed excuses, unveil your true self, and redefine your identity beyond perceived limitations, step into Sacred Leadership. 

This immersion is for individuals with a background in personal development or spiritual work, ready to transcend their current self-perception. 

Whether you aspire to lead as a solopreneur, within the workplace, at home, or in your community, I’m here to support you in excavating your true nature, revealing the brilliance within you.

Register HERE.

Three days of sacred ceremonies, energy transmissions, live coaching, and channeled support to say yes to your dharma.

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