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I was so scared—not even consciously. I’ve always shown up “trying my best” in all I’ve done but this trying hard came at a cost. Now, looking back, I see I didn’t know who I truly was or the power I’ve always been connected to… (All of Creation that is. The same is true for you).

I wound up exhausted from chasing, hustling, and trying so bloody hard.

Much of my adult life has been spent thinking that if I just tried harder, sooner or later it would pay off—I’d finally be able to charge more, I’d find my soul mate, be able to help more people, and eventually the outer world would recognize how awesome I really am.

But nope. 

What I thought I really wanted was not what my soul was seeking or guiding me towards. I fought the flow. I was challenged with an emotionally gruelling divorce, an autoimmune condition and even the sudden suicide of my partner.

I was brought to my knees. I was initiated once again through pain and hardship.

Through these many life initiations, I came to understand that until I was truly aligned with who I came on this planet to be, I would continue to struggle. I was staying small and limited by unresolved conditioning and programming.

I tell you this because I know that you too may resonate with what I’m saying—that you may have had a yearning your whole life that has been buried because you couldn’t figure out how to “make it happen” or perhaps knowing who you truly are has felt elusive.  

It takes courage to say yes to life, to the unknown and to the grandest vision for your life.

You see, you have an individual frequency, a soul song that only you carry.

The gift of you being your authentic self is your divine medicine.

When you’re not living as your true self and expressing your unique vibration unapologetically, there will be stagnation and ultimately dis-ease.

You might simply call this stress. It might show up as a physical imbalance or mental or emotional strain. It might look like divorce, tensing every Monday when you have to go to the office, an unfulfilling sex life, some form of depression or anxiety, or such negative self-talk that you’re continuously sabotaging your dreams and feeling like you’re not enough every single day…

It’s a radical act to turn towards your soul and call all of the fragmented parts of yourself back. It’s an act of courage to stay true to who you really are.

And there’s nothing more valuable on this planet than you being fully you.

Yet, the majority of people spend little time understanding themselves beyond the mind level. This is a great tragedy and reminds me of the famous quote, “Don’t let your music die inside of you.” -Wayne Dyer.

If you’re ready to know and own your unique medicine—the essence of who you are on a soul level, beyond all conditioning, I invite you to join me for this powerful transformational program.

During this 3 part immersion we will:

  • Deep dive into getting you unstuck and transmute any sabotage patterns to bring you back into your unique soul alignment
  • Discover the true vision for your life when it’s not dictated by others or obscured by conditioning
  • Focus on the embodiment of your vision and recalibrating your nervous system to hold the grandness of your true energy

The only requirement for this program is that you’re no longer willing to live by the rules (aka conditioned limiting beliefs) but own the energetic frequency that is your soul signature. You don’t have to know what this is or how to do it now, but simply have a willingness to explore, expand, and receive all that life has in store for you.

This is a journey for your heart to come home and for this experience to translate into real, tangible worldly results.

My clients have transformations such as:

-doubling their income within a month

-finding true love after years of being single

-increasing their self-worth and establishing healthy boundaries

-speaking up and becoming more visible when it used to terrify them to be seen or heard in their authenticity

-improving their health, healing long-standing imbalances

-writing their first book and publishing it

-stepping into their power as a leader, coach, mother, healer, and entrepreneur

But here’s the catch. You must step into the unknown for this transformation to happen. You must literally walk into the void space and surrender before the truth will be revealed.

This is where most people stop. They walk up to the door, knock, and then run away. This is the cause of incoherence and imbalance.

The irony is that by stepping into the darkness, so much energy is liberated inside of you (this is the realm of spontaneous healing). This requires you relinquish your non-self (conditioning) and opt for freedom—which strangely enough can feel terrifying. Much more terrifying than same-old-same-old.

If you’re ready, I’m here to guide you to owning your unique medicine.

Join me for this life changing immersion:

Nov 23rd, 26th & 28th @ 7:30-9:30am Pacific Time

Replays available for all sessions.


This immersion will include: ceremony and ritual, embodiment practices, energy healing & one-to-one coaching inside of the group.

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