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Alchemy of Freedom: Your soul led business and life

An online accelerator and incubator for coaches, soulful healers, heart based entrepreneurs, Human Design readers, and retreat facilitators who want to create greater income and impact doing what sets their soul aglow!

I wish I had this program and support 25 years ago when I began my career as a yoga teacher and healer… an inside out approach to building a business and life that is reflective of my dharma and aligned with the gifts I’ve brought to this planet to express and BE! This is what I’ve created. A mentorship program that focuses on healing and transforming your energetic and emotional foundation that is affecting how you’re showing up inside your own mind, life, and business.

This immersion will expedite your growth both internally and externally. I’m taking the best of my knowledge and experience (the highs and lows) and expertise as a healer to support you to know in the depths of your bones that you are worthy and whole, and completely deserving of creating a life in alignment with your soul’s magnificence.

Your life and your business is unique to you. This program honours where you’re at and will champion you back to your true nature so that you can live with faith and knowing that you are loved and supported to fully show up as your authentic self and be wildly abundant doing so.

I believe the world needs more empowered leaders who are conscious and are no longer willing to play small, suppress their inner knowing, or live from lack and scarcity.

We can’t lead people where we haven’t been.

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