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Ayurvedic Consultation and Workshop

Saturday June 10th, 2-5pm

Kitsilano, Vancouver (Location details upon registration)

Investment: $175

I’m inviting five individuals into my living room for the afternoon!

  • Have a personal Ayurvedic assessment within a group setting targeted on your specific health concerns
  • Learn about your Ayurvedic dosha and how to balance your body-mind with the correct foods for your constitution
  • Understand exactly which Ayurvedic daily routines are essential for you specifically for healing
  • Get expert individual advice regarding your current health challenges
  • Deepen your understanding of Ayurveda and how to incorporate it into your life
  • Get access to a video library with Ayurvedic videos to integrate the knowledge you will walk away with from this afternoon
  • Receive a rejuvenating and replenishing Yoga Nidra recording to listen to over and over again (the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep)

If you’ve got health concerns that you know you need some expert advice with and you would like to explore a natural, sustainable approach to healing, join me for this intimate afternoon.

I am only taking five people in total for this unique experience.

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