Yoga Flow When You’ve Got Your Flow

You may have been brought up thinking that you should be able to do all of the vigorous activity that you normally do while on your menstrual cycle. Remember high school gym class?! And those tampon commercials encouraging women to bike and swim and not miss a beat...?   I'm all for women feeling strong, [...]

Yoga Flow When You’ve Got Your Flow2019-07-25T13:42:36-08:00

Retreat: The Magic of Time Away to Fill Up Your Cup

I was picked up on the other side. As soon as I got in the car I began to yawn. Stepping onto the tiny, sleepy Gulf Island was such a contrast to living in the city that I began to relax, soften, and slow down; so much so that I took a nap as soon [...]

Retreat: The Magic of Time Away to Fill Up Your Cup2022-04-20T11:30:17-08:00

Summer Ayurvedic Yoga to Calm, Cool & Soothe Pitta Dosha

I recently had the privilege to teach a workshop at Hemma Yoga in Victoria, BC. Students gathered to learn about specific asana, pranayama, foods and ayurvedic self care specific for the summer time. In ayurveda summer is the pitta time of year when the fire is hot both internally and externally. It’s important to focus [...]

Summer Ayurvedic Yoga to Calm, Cool & Soothe Pitta Dosha2019-07-25T13:43:12-08:00

Are You Really Doing Yoga?

This article was originally published by author on   When you bring true awareness to your practice, you get in touch with your best self. My first foray into yoga was unintentional. I had a dance injury but still wanted to move my body while I recovered. I quickly became more interested in the [...]

Are You Really Doing Yoga?2019-07-25T13:43:12-08:00

Event: sacred solstice ceremony

Sacred Solstice Ceremony for Empowered Healing & Transformation When: Sunday December 18th, 6:30-8:30pm Where: Kitsilano, Vancouver  Investment: $40 As we near the year's end, it's the perfect time to say goodbye to 2016 and get clear about how you would like to move into 2017.  In honour of the winter solstice and moving back into the [...]

Event: sacred solstice ceremony2017-07-19T17:09:01-08:00

Sacred ceremony for empowered healing and transformation

Join me for a deep-dive into releasing what’s no longer serving you on your soul’s journey. If you’ve been struggling with physical symptoms, mental or emotional stress, or feeling disconnected from your purpose and your self then this evening is for you. Through sacred ceremony, setting clear intentions, chanting, journaling and silence we will call [...]

Sacred ceremony for empowered healing and transformation2017-07-19T17:09:42-08:00

Part 3: Success Isn’t Linear

PART 3: THE STAGES OF SUCCESS For me the roller coaster of excitement and anticipation through the phases of hard work and determination moved into doubt and fatigue, escalated into grief, loss and anger, which opened the doorways for forgiveness and acceptance before I even got to the summit. Moments of sheer bliss and exuberance [...]

Part 3: Success Isn’t Linear2017-03-30T10:58:53-08:00
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