Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume

I was mesmerized when I met Tizzle (L'lia Thomas), the brain behind Soul SiSTAR Mystique featuring Aromachaura, in the mystical Mount Shasta. It felt like I was meeting with a soul sister as we bonded over a shared love for art, perfumes, and all things divine. Tizzle's knack for creating personalized perfume blends left me in [...]

Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume2023-08-23T11:30:16-08:00

Decoding the Art of Adventure

Experience the thrill of the wild with our special guest, Eduardo, an internationally acclaimed adventure travel guide and accomplished. With a career spanning since 2000, Eduardo brings a wealth of knowledge on wilderness adventure and a deep-seated passion for sustainability and ecotourism. Discover his exceptional achievements, which include founding the Nature Reserve Chakra and heading team [...]

Decoding the Art of Adventure2023-08-05T12:23:17-08:00

These Disturbing Thoughts!

I had a woman in my UNLEASHED Mentorship Program ask me this question recently and it felt like such a powerful enquiry that I wanted to share it with you. Her question was: "When thoughts pop up that may be disturbing I’m not sure how to deal with those.  For example, I am very compassionate [...]

These Disturbing Thoughts!2023-03-30T11:38:53-08:00

An adventure of a lifetime. (I almost didn’t go.)

“I have to go home and work.” I almost didn’t go to the pub that evening. But something inside of me urged me to go for a bite to eat with my friends. What happened that evening was so synchronistic... I ended up leaving early the very next morning for the adventure of a lifetime. [...]

An adventure of a lifetime. (I almost didn’t go.)2022-08-03T16:22:28-08:00

Anchoring into the Void

The void, the abyss, the dark night, the journey into the great mystery...what if it doesn't have to envelop you? Is it possible to root into something in the unknown that can bring solace and possibly even be the birth place for the greatest version of yourself yet? In this episode I explore the 2 [...]

Anchoring into the Void2022-07-11T15:58:14-08:00

Jyotish: Vedic Astrology Demystified with Laura Plumb

I speak to Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Yogi about Jyotish. Jyotish is the system of Vedic astrology that differs from the Western astrological perspective. Laura teaches us why we should never use the sacred sciences of Jyotish or Ayurveda against ourselves and how Vedic astrology provides an accurate map for our soul's journey in [...]

Jyotish: Vedic Astrology Demystified with Laura Plumb2020-09-02T19:49:52-08:00

What is Ayurveda? Read my interview with Head + Heart.

Below, I was interviewed by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your go-to spiritual and wellness resource and online calendar. Find events, retreats, teachers, tips and community to support your journey from the head to the heart. @headplusheart “Ayurveda” literally translates to “the science of life”, which makes sense when you start to consider [...]

What is Ayurveda? Read my interview with Head + Heart.2019-12-07T09:19:50-08:00
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