Ayurvedic Awareness with Susan Weis-Bohlen

In this episode of Be The Light, I speak with Ayurvedic consultant and author Susan Weis-Bohlen about the tremendous impact Ayurveda had for her to lose weight and clear physical and mental toxicity. Susan lost 50 pounds and saw how she was holding onto weight beyond the physical level. She also lowered her cholesterol by [...]

Ayurvedic Awareness with Susan Weis-Bohlen2020-11-10T17:42:14-08:00

Healing Meditations: Keep Your Vibration High During Challenging times

A yogic and Ayurvedic approach to transforming heavy, fear-based energy into love and possibility. In this class I will guide you through: Ayurvedic self-care practices to keep you healthy in mind and body Yogic breathing practices to calm your nervous system My best worst joke A ThetaHealing meditation to reprogram subconscious conditioning of fear and anxiety as [...]

Healing Meditations: Keep Your Vibration High During Challenging times2020-04-15T12:36:57-08:00

How to do a Safe Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

In this episode I talk about my experience at the Vancouver Marathon, which I expect isn’t a typical reaction to a marathon… I also share about some highlights from my recent trip to teach at the Toronto Yoga Conference. But what you might be most interested in is how to do your own Ayurvedic spring [...]

How to do a Safe Ayurvedic Home Cleanse2019-07-25T13:42:36-08:00

Retreat: The Magic of Time Away to Fill Up Your Cup

I was picked up on the other side. As soon as I got in the car I began to yawn. Stepping onto the tiny, sleepy Gulf Island was such a contrast to living in the city that I began to relax, soften, and slow down; so much so that I took a nap as soon [...]

Retreat: The Magic of Time Away to Fill Up Your Cup2022-04-20T11:30:17-08:00

DIY Ayurvedic Body Scrub for Winter

I love creating things that are simple, quick, and satisfying—sometimes that’s a yummy meal and at other times, it’s some DIY beauty products. I also really appreciate when I can make something for myself that may cost 20X more in the store. Grassroots…made with love by ME for ME…and fun to gift to family and [...]

DIY Ayurvedic Body Scrub for Winter2019-07-25T13:42:37-08:00

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Winter Solstice Ceremony   Last year I hosted a sacred Winter Solstice Ceremony. We set intentions, chanted, tossed rose petals into the sacred “fire” and let go of what no longer served us. As we move towards the darkest day of the year it is such a poignant time to pause, be still, reassess and [...]

Winter Solstice Ceremony2019-07-25T13:42:37-08:00

Celebrity Chef Vikram Vij on Life & Cooking

Sitting down with celebrity chef and Dragon’s Den judge, Vikram Vij is such a delight. He’s so energized and sound to earth and doesn’t think he’s special. He sees all humans as beautiful. Born and raised in India but trained as a French chef in Austria, Vikram has a sensitivity for appealing to palettes worldwide. [...]

Celebrity Chef Vikram Vij on Life & Cooking2019-07-25T13:42:38-08:00
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