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Being Light with Dr. Claudia Welch

I was super stoked to have this interview with a woman I truly admire and who was a mentor of mine on my Ayurvedic journey.   What I love most about Dr. Claudia Welch is that she is the perfect measure of practical and mystical. With her training in Traditional [...]

Radical Shifts with Catherine Plano

I have a soft spot in my heart for Australians. I lived there in 1997 and have returned a few times to visit and connect with the awesome people and landscape. What a pleasure to sit down and chat with Catherine Plano; International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Leadership Development Professional, [...]

Are You Really Doing Yoga?

This article was originally published by author on   When you bring true awareness to your practice, you get in touch with your best self. My first foray into yoga was unintentional. I had a dance injury but still wanted to move my body while I recovered. I quickly [...]

Be the Light Sound Bite #2

Here is a soundbite I'd like to share with you from the last Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. One of the participants was struggling with her life purpose and felt trapped in a job she didn't really like. She wasn't sure if she should stay or go. My perspective is that [...]

Be the Light Sound Bite

Stop Playing Small: Expand into your whole capacity by being the greatest version of yourself possible This sound bite is from my last Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. In one of the week’s lessons I spoke about how to stop playing small and how to expand your sense of self into [...]

Dive in to Conflict Resolution Theory with Farah Nazarali

Learn about your particular conflict strategy and discover how to approach conflict in a healthy way. Get insight into what kinds of questions to ask to seek deeper understanding in response to conflict. Discern between your "stuff" and the others. Farah shares real life examples from her own life and [...]

Ayurvedic spring cleanse, you say?

Being an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I see the world through the eyes of Ayurveda. Everyone is unique and needs something different according to their personal prakruti or natural doshic make-up. By understanding someone’s natural state and their current state of imbalance (vikruti) I am able to discern exactly what treatment protocol would be [...]

The Akashic Records with Baljit Rayat

Learn about your Akashic Records and how this energetic storehouse can empower you in your life. Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny talks about setting intentions, the victim-pepetrator-rescuer triangle, and guides you through a powerfully transformative Akashic Records meditation.

10 day Ayurveda self-care challenge: Jan 22-31

Want to learn simple, effective and powerful natural self-care practices to improve your sleep, digestion, energy and mindset? THIS 10-Day AYURVEDIC SELF-CARE challenge is for you! This FREE training, including videos, audios and documents will help you establish healthy routines you can stick to and make lasting changes with. Get in [...]

The wellness journey: Nicaragua

I’m leading a wellness adventure to Nicaragua on February 17-22, 2017 and you’re invited. We're going to build impact projects for two days with local communities, followed by two days of integration where I'll teach yoga and meditation (along with some other world-class instructors). See full trip info here: I have [...]

Event: sacred solstice ceremony

Sacred Solstice Ceremony for Empowered Healing & Transformation When: Sunday December 18th, 6:30-8:30pm Where: Kitsilano, Vancouver  Investment: $40 As we near the year's end, it's the perfect time to say goodbye to 2016 and get clear about how you would like to move into 2017.  In honour of the winter solstice [...]

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