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How Blindness Made Me See |

I stood there. Not sure if they had called my zone or not. It was early and I hadn’t eaten yet. A woman’s voice came from behind, “Have they called zone seven?” A blind woman. We begin to chat as the line starts to move forward. I support her, with [...]

What is Ayurveda? Read my interview with Head + Heart.

Below, I was interviewed by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your go-to spiritual and wellness resource and online calendar. Find events, retreats, teachers, tips and community to support your journey from the head to the heart. @headplusheart “Ayurveda” literally translates to “the science of life”, which makes sense [...]

I Think About Death Everyday

I contemplate death daily. It is one of my greatest inspirations for living my life fully and with courage. Having lost one of the most important people in my life has opened my eyes beyond the theoretical idea of impermanence, change, and life giving us opportunities for growth, despite the [...]

The Stories We Tell

We are all made of stories. The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, and the stories of memory that get altered over time—deepening grooves in our psyche and transforming our personality. I recently attended a workshop where I told stories and listened to many other’s tales too. [...]

The Alchemy of a “Spiritual Haircut”

I was feeling stuck, mostly on the inner. I was having a difficult time making decisions (big and small). I was ready to release a very challenging relationship. I was tired of hearing myself complain about the same things. Can you relate to any of this? And, when I booked [...]

How to do a Safe Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

In this episode I talk about my experience at the Vancouver Marathon, which I expect isn’t a typical reaction to a marathon… I also share about some highlights from my recent trip to teach at the Toronto Yoga Conference. But what you might be most interested in is how to [...]

Be More YOU! That’s what the world needs.

It’s so true. The world truly needs and desires for you to be in your alignment with who you came to this planet to be.   When you’re not living from this place life won’t feel right; you’ll be in struggle, you’ll feel lack, you may have health problems, and [...]

I’m Back with my Be The Light Podcast!

...And I'm raw, vulnerable and apparently have a potty mouth sometimes (so, put on some headphones if you've got little one's around).   I speak from my heart with full transparency here and I'm going to keep showing up in this way on this podcast.   This come-back-podcast was totally [...]

Yoga Flow When You’ve Got Your Flow

You may have been brought up thinking that you should be able to do all of the vigorous activity that you normally do while on your menstrual cycle. Remember high school gym class?! And those tampon commercials encouraging women to bike and swim and not miss a beat...?   I'm [...]

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs for Self-Love

A client asked me last week if I had a Valentine...   My response jumped out of my mouth, "Just me!" It wasn't a canned response at all and there wasn't an air of sadness about this fact. The truth is, I've come to honour, respect, and appreciate myself more [...]

Commitment to Myself | Madhuri Method Podcast

I'm not big on setting New Year's resolutions...I feel like they can set us up to feel worse about ourselves or they become ideas but rarely inspire lasting transformation. I am really into consistent reprogramming of the neural-pathways through repetition and constant refocussing of my attention and energy.   Directing [...]

Savasana Relaxation Practice (7 minutes)

Short Savasana Relaxation Practice - Audio A short relaxation practice can be the reset button that you need in your day to recharge your energy and release accumulated stress. Lie down in savasana (corpse pose), close your eyes and let yourself be guided through this short rejuvenating practice.

Men. Stop Body Shaming Us.

Men. Stop Body Shaming Us. They were slight, often “joking” derogatory comments…I’d respond with silence, or defence, or sometimes laughter to cloak my humiliation. “You’re too skinny.” “Your boobs are so little.” “I’ve never met any other women with pubic hair.” “You need to work out.” Your version may be [...]

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