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Choosing Freedom: The 8 year anniversary of my partner’s death

In this very vulnerable episode I share where I’m at 8 years after my partner’s sudden suicide. My life isn’t anything like I imagined it would be and yet, I feel more inner freedom than ever. Find out how the greatest tragedy of my life was the most powerful catalyst for my inner growth, evolution [...]

Choosing Freedom: The 8 year anniversary of my partner’s death2022-03-31T17:13:58-08:00

QUANTUM MANIFESTATION: A Guide to making quantum shifts in 2022

I was recently interviewed by Monica Krake of Head + Heart about the magic of quantum manifestation (excerpt below). In this article, I explain how to support the shifts required to create from our Highest, and how to access the quantum realm to support real manifestations. "We’re always making meanings about our life. That’s our Ego. If [...]

QUANTUM MANIFESTATION: A Guide to making quantum shifts in 20222022-03-07T16:22:07-08:00

Thrive this Winter with Some Boring Ayurvedic Recommendations

I’m really stoked to share the power of Ayurveda and it’s phenomenal preventative powers with you so that you understand how you can stay healing and thrive this season. I share with you the most important place to start to create health. Without this system functioning optimally you will unfortunately end up with symptoms or [...]

Thrive this Winter with Some Boring Ayurvedic Recommendations2022-01-11T16:12:49-08:00

What Self are You Creating?

In this episode of Be The Light I apologize for being inconsistent with this podcast but share with you why I went MIA. I’ve been up to some big things and loving my new venture but haven’t made this podcast a priority. Oops. I dive into talking about creating a self that is in alignment [...]

What Self are You Creating?2021-11-16T17:30:20-08:00

How to Create an Energetic Signature of Health

In this episode of Be The Light, I answer a poignant question from one of my brilliant students in my Ayurvedic Yoga Training Program. She asks me what I mean when I teach about creating health from an ‘energetic signature.’ This is one of the most important concepts in understanding how to heal and live [...]

How to Create an Energetic Signature of Health2021-11-16T17:16:42-08:00

Energy Healing Transmission: GRACE

This powerful energy healing transmission, GRACE, will support you in reprogramming limiting subconscious programs so you can operate from your soul’s alignment, not your ego’s conditioning. When we disconnect from the energy that created us and all that is, we open up a gap in consciousness that allows programs rooted in fear and lack to [...]

Energy Healing Transmission: GRACE2022-05-26T09:52:19-08:00

Ancestral Healing: ThetaHealing Meditation

Clear and heal your ancestral beliefs based in fear, scarcity, and trauma. I will guide you through a transformative ThetaHealing process to support in the reprogramming of subconscious beliefs connected to your lineage. Don't worry if your mind wanders and there's no need to 'understand' intellectually. If you're wanting to know more about ThetaHealing and [...]

Ancestral Healing: ThetaHealing Meditation2021-02-09T11:12:36-08:00
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