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Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume

I was mesmerized when I met Tizzle (L'lia Thomas), the brain behind Soul SiSTAR Mystique featuring Aromachaura, in the mystical Mount Shasta. It felt like I was meeting with a soul sister as we bonded over a shared love for art, perfumes, and all things divine. Tizzle's knack for creating personalized perfume blends left me in [...]

Intuition, Art and the Magic of Perfume2023-08-23T11:30:16-08:00

Decoding the Art of Adventure

Experience the thrill of the wild with our special guest, Eduardo, an internationally acclaimed adventure travel guide and accomplished. With a career spanning since 2000, Eduardo brings a wealth of knowledge on wilderness adventure and a deep-seated passion for sustainability and ecotourism. Discover his exceptional achievements, which include founding the Nature Reserve Chakra and heading team [...]

Decoding the Art of Adventure2023-08-05T12:23:17-08:00

Embracing Adventure: Unearthing Inner Strength and Limitless Potential

Standing at the peak of Mount Shasta, exhausted yet exhilarated, I discovered a powerful truth: We are all far more capable than we think we are. This mountain, this adventure, became a metaphor for my personal growth and transformation, and I'm thrilled to share this journey with you. I recount the trials and triumphs of [...]

Embracing Adventure: Unearthing Inner Strength and Limitless Potential2023-07-19T11:07:36-08:00

Importance of Real-Time Alignment with Self in Transforming Your Life

Have you ever faced a fear that made your heart race and your mind spin with thoughts of failure? In this episode I share a personal experience of rock climbing in Squamish, where I had to confront my fear of heights and falling. I had the opportunity to practice and embody a spiritual concept that [...]

Importance of Real-Time Alignment with Self in Transforming Your Life2023-06-12T16:57:35-08:00

Transform Your Life: The Power of Creating a Healing Environment

In this Be The Light episode I riff on the importance of creating an environment for healing. My bias of course is the holistic approach, where all aspects that contribute to healing and thriving must be considered. I suggest choosing one area of life that needs healing and looking at what type of environment is [...]

Transform Your Life: The Power of Creating a Healing Environment2023-04-12T19:21:21-08:00

These Disturbing Thoughts!

I had a woman in my UNLEASHED Mentorship Program ask me this question recently and it felt like such a powerful enquiry that I wanted to share it with you. Her question was: "When thoughts pop up that may be disturbing I’m not sure how to deal with those.  For example, I am very compassionate [...]

These Disturbing Thoughts!2023-03-30T11:38:53-08:00

Belief Versus Truth

Tune into this 12 minute episode of the Be The Light Podcast where I answer a client question regarding belief versus truth. What is a belief and what really is true? Listen to a story about the collective glass ceiling and what it takes for something to become possible in our reality. What are you [...]

Belief Versus Truth2023-02-02T08:50:58-08:00
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