Alchemy of Freedom: Your soul led business and life

An online accelerator and incubator for soulful healers, coaches, heart based entrepreneurs, authors, and yoga teachers who want to create greater income and impact doing what sets their soul aglow!

Your life and your business is unique to you. This mentorship program honours where you’re at and will champion you back to your true nature so that you can live with faith and knowing that you are loved and supported to fully show up as your authentic self and be abundant doing so.

I wish I had this program and support over 20 years ago when I began my career as a yoga teacher and healer… an inside out approach to building a business and life that is reflective of my dharma and aligned with the gifts I’ve brought to this planet to express and BE! This is what I’ve created. A mentorship program that focuses on healing and transforming your energetic and emotional foundation that is affecting how you’re showing up inside your own mind and life.

This immersion will expedite your growth both internally and externally. I’m taking the best of my knowledge and experience (the highs and lows) and expertise as a healer to support you to know in the depths of your bones that you are worthy and whole, and completely deserving of creating a life in alignment with your soul’s magnificence.

Your life and your business is unique to you. This program honours where you’re at and will champion you back to your true nature so that you can live with faith and knowing that you are loved and supported to fully show up as your authentic self and be abundant doing so.

I believe the world needs more empowered individuals who are conscious and are no longer willing to play small, suppress their inner knowing, or live from lack and scarcity.

We can’t lead people where we haven’t been.

This transformational immersion is for you if you want to:

  • Get clarity on your purpose and the vision and life you are creating and bring it into manifest form.

  • Reduce stress in your business and life.

  • Clear your blocks to abundance and vitality.

  • Learn how to balance the masculine and feminine energies in your business and life.

  • Shift at the deepest level and receive channelled vibrational downloads to transform your subconscious programming.

  • Heal your relationship to visibility, feeling like an impostor, not feeling good enough, using your voice, being your true self, tapping into your inner power and intuitive knowing.

  • Learn how to listen and respond to your guidance from your Higher Self.

  • Receive support and inspiration to step into the next level of your business and life.

  • Feel unapologetic about feeling abundant doing work you absolutely love and are aligned with.

  • Feel secure, and live in greater faith, despite an ever changing global landscape.

  • Heal your relationship with the energy of money so you can receive, live from a place of wholeness, and be in integrity with your worth.

Before I consider taking someone on as a client I like to spend time in conversation with them to really get a sense of where they’re at and if working together will truly serve them.

To be considered for a complimentary conversation with me, click below and fill out the application form!

This program is not for you if:

  • You’re not open to being coached or willing to try on new perceptions, ways of thinking and being, and fresh mindset/ heart-set practices to elevate your life.

  • You’re not committed to stepping into your power and light and supporting others to transform their lives.
  • You think that it’ll be nice to do it in the future/at another time.
  • You’re not willing to look inwards and heal limiting perceptions and beliefs that are keeping you from creating an aligned and joy-filled business and life.

Very few people show up fully for you in your life. Melanie is one of those souls.

Alchemy Of Freedom Testimonial
When my perceived world came crashing in around me, the universe told me I would benefit from the wisdom and direction of Melanie and her Alchemy of Freedom Mentorship.
In 10 weeks, I have come to see the entire universe in a different light. To see myself in a different light. To see my truth in a bold and abundant way. Her method of deconstructing programs, conditioning and beliefs is what my soul has been craving for, for decades.

Finally, someone who was able to walk me through some dark nights, support me, hold space for me and allow me to flourish and bloom without fear, without judgement. Complete and utter compassionate, empathetic understanding.

I see that I have infinite resources available to me now to see my truth, to feel, my truth. My life has been forever changed by Melanie in such a profound and compassionate way that it inspires me to continue to live my truth and share my medicine, as only I can. My life is now a joyful, easy and brilliant adventure.

Donnia Annastasia, Holistic Practitioner
Founder of ALIGN : An immersive Ayurvedic Experience

I am now living life to its fullest!

Melanie and the Alchemy of Freedom Immersion helped me discover and unravel my inner negative unconscious thoughts towards myself and, more specifically, money. Melanie's support and teaching helped me discover how important my inner landscape reflects my outer landscape resulting in a transformation and freedom within myself and my business I did not know was even possible. Within the ten-week program, my newly formed business clientele tripled. I was offered a book publishing deal and many speaking engagements. But more importantly, I recognize the abundance that life has to offer in so many other ways than money. I am now living life to its fullest, enjoying hikes with my dog and spending quality time with family and friends. I have more inner peace and self-confidence. All of this and I'm now making the most money I have ever made.

I was so impressed by the results, I've hired Melanie again.

The Alchemy of Freedom program has increased my income by at least 50% since completion.

Within weeks of working with Melanie’s complete style of mentoring, I was able to regain lost vision for both my career and personal life. I now have a confident platform to create from, to bring my new personal and business goals to fruition. The skills and tools that I have learned allowed me to address limitations and access more freedom for creativity.

I was so impressed by the results, I've hired Melanie again.



Herta Buller 

I cannot recommend Alchemy of Freedom enough!

I cannot recommend Alchemy of Freedom enough!  Prior to my work with Melanie, I had dreams of teaching yoga online and I even hired someone to help me market my new yoga membership. It seemed like a wonderful idea, however, something wasn’t right.  I felt so insecure and so much like an imposter that I didn’t want to sell my membership anymore.  Who would want to take a yoga class from me? I wasn’t special, I didn’t have any mind blowing content to share and I was a brand-new yoga teacher. I felt deflated and defeated.

And then, I found Melanie and everything changed.  She taught me how to shift my thoughts, energy and vibrations to work for me instead of against me.  She taught me how to find alignment from within so that I didn’t need to look externally for feelings of worth and wholeness. Most importantly, she has been a guiding light and a constant reminder that I get to create whatever the hell I want in business and in life!

So now, I am proud of my yoga membership.  I honestly feel like people are missing out if they don’t join (because it’s incredible)!  And, up next?   I want to make $100,000/year.  That will be about double my current income and with Melanie’s help I think I am well on my way! Thanks Melanie!




This has been invaluable to me!

Before working with Melanie, and experiencing the Alchemy of Freedom Immersion, my business was just beginning and I was looking for support in showing up as my authentic self. Immediately after, my emotional and energetic bodies began transforming and now I have more clarity on the life and business I am creating and how to listen to guidance from my higher self.

One of the greatest shifts I had as Melanie as my guide was that I began feeling more secure within and started living in greater faith. This has been invaluable to me because I can live from a place of wholeness and create a life aligned with my dharma. I was so impressed with this transformation that I hired Melanie again to continue to receive her support and guidance in my business and life.



Katie Stein
Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, RYT-300 


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