In this episode of the “Be the Light” podcast, I commemorate the ten-year anniversary of my partner’s suicide by sharing five principles of transformation that I’ve learned through my own healing journey.

I talk about the fleeting nature of life, how healing doesn’t follow a straight path, the strength that comes from taking control of your life, the importance of reaching out for help, and the need to live in the moment.

I also bring up my book “Living After Loss: A Soulful Guide to Freedom,” providing insights into how to deal with loss and how to view life’s challenges as chances to grow stronger and more resilient. My message is filled with hope, a sense of empowerment, and the life-changing impact of love and the journey to self-discovery.



Introduction to the Episode (00:00:02) Melanie Phillips reflects on the ten-year anniversary of her past partner’s suicide and shares five principles of transformation.

The Importance of Acknowledging Loss (00:02:35) Melanie emphasizes the significance of acknowledging and healing from various forms of loss, not just death.

Shift in Consciousness and Healing (00:04:01) Melanie discusses the shift in consciousness and its role in healing, emphasizing surrender and support from a higher perspective.

Understanding Personal Power (00:06:46) Melanie explores the concept of personal power and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s experiences and emotions.

Principles of Transformation (00:09:04) Melanie shares the first principle of transformation: embracing the impermanence of life and cherishing every moment.

Non-linear Healing (00:11:51) Melanie discusses the non-linear nature of healing and the importance of trusting the intuitive wisdom within.

Being the Creator of Reality (00:13:26) Melanie shares her perspective on being the creator of one’s reality, despite external circumstances.

Importance of Seeking Support (00:17:27) Melanie emphasizes the value of seeking and investing in support for healing and growth.

Seizing the Present Moment (00:24:14) Melanie encourages listeners to act on their desires now, rather than waiting for a future that may never come.

Conclusion and Epilogue Reading (00:26:36) Melanie concludes with a reading from her book “Living After Loss,” emphasizing the continuation of life and the opportunities it offers.

The breaking open (00:27:48) Melanie encourages surrendering to the power that created you and finding the miracle of existence after falling apart.

Nourishment and inspiration (00:29:10) Melanie invites further exploration of personal and soul-led business expansion and offers mentorship opportunities.