In this episode I’m answering a question from one of my clients inside of a group Mentorship program where the question arose about the divine feminine and how to get back in touch with it if we’ve been operating from the distorted masculine energy (push, do more, don’t rest, don’t listen to the deeper whispers and rhythms inside of us).

The divine feminine is everything we reject, all the parts of ourselves that we want to hide and run from and cover up. We haven’t honored her. So instead, we hold shame inside of us because we haven’t transmuted this energy. So we hold the energy of shame, of powerlessness, of victimization.

We haven’t fully owned our wholeness, especially those shadow parts, the dark places, the places that we’re told not to let anyone see. Or we’ve told ourselves no one should ever know that about me, or I’ll be rejected, or I won’t be loved.

The divine feminine is complete surrender. This is not synonymous with complacency, passivity or procrastination. Surrender is faith. And faith is our deep connection to that which we truly are.

Have a listen to this episode. I’m curious to hear your thoughts!


P.S. I swear a lot in this episode so if you’ve got people around who may not appreciate this be sure to pop some headphones in. ;)