I was mesmerized when I met Tizzle (L’lia Thomas), the brain behind Soul SiSTAR Mystique featuring Aromachaura, in the mystical Mount Shasta. It felt like I was meeting with a soul sister as we bonded over a shared love for art, perfumes, and all things divine. Tizzle’s knack for creating personalized perfume blends left me in awe, especially when she made me a personal blend called ‘Hardcore’. I couldn’t help but be inspired by the magical dance between divine intervention and intentional creation that was our meeting.

During our conversation, we delved deeper into the power of art in defining who we are, and Tizzle’s unique teaching approach, combining all of the elements. We explored how we consciously and unconsciously allow our conditioning to influence our preferences and how we can tap into our intuition to create what our body needs. Tizzle’s journey from blending perfumes for herself to creating them for others was equally captivating, as it represented a powerful combination of passion, creativity, and a strong desire to uplift others.

As we wrapped up our conversation, a wave of gratitude swept over me for Tizzle’s contribution and her stunning work with Soul SiSTAR Mystique. Join us and savor the potential of intentional creation, the art of self-understanding and the magical power of scent.

Embark on this beautiful journey with us, a sensory exploration that promises to be as delightful as it is profound. Tune in to ignite your highest timeline, redefine your essence, and bask in the radiant glow of sisterhood.