Have you ever faced a fear that made your heart race and your mind spin with thoughts of failure? In this episode I share a personal experience of rock climbing in Squamish, where I had to confront my fear of heights and falling. I had the opportunity to practice and embody a spiritual concept that I teach my clients and inside of my programs.

The profound question “Other than what you’re thinking and believing, are you okay?” helped me to focus on the present moment and realize that I was truly safe and okay in that moment.

The power of spiritual practices and tools in helping us expand our consciousness and evolve as individuals is key to living a full life beyond what we have lived before.

In this episode I invite listeners to question their thinking when they feel stressed or challenged and to practice the principle of alignment with self.

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Episode Timestamps

Principle of Alignment with Self [00:00:04] Melanie talks about the importance of embodying spiritual concepts and practices in real life.

Rock Climbing in Squamish [00:01:10] Melanie shares a personal experience of rock climbing and facing her fear of heights and falling.

Traversing a Rock Face [00:05:32] Melanie talks about her trepidation traversing a rock face while climbing and the power of the metaphor of the only way out is forward.

Facing Fear of Heights [00:08:54] Melanie shares her experience of how she regulated her nervous system in real-time.

Practicing Spiritual Tools in Real Time [00:09:55] Melanie talks about the power of spiritual practices and tools in transforming our lives and shares a tool from Byron Katie that she used in real-time during her rock climbing experience.

Healing in the Now Moment [00:11:52] Melanie invites listeners to practice questioning their thinking and to focus on the present moment to heal and live a life of joy and vitality.