I was recently interviewed by Monica Krake of Head + Heart about the magic of quantum manifestation (excerpt below). In this article, I explain how to support the shifts required to create from our Highest, and how to access the quantum realm to support real manifestations.

“We’re always making meanings about our life. That’s our Ego. If we don’t have the job, money, partner, whatever, the meaning we’re making is coming from the fragmented (wounded) self, and these are based on lack. These are based on the lack of the Ego. So, we need to make more conscious decisions about what meaning we attach to things, situations, and experiences.

We tend to gather evidence/proof for why things aren’t going our way or why we’re not good enough or don’t have what we want. To make a quantum shift into manifesting from the quantum realm, we need to TRANSFORM this pattern, and shift into creating from wholeness. And ironically, when we’re living from wholeness, we tend to no longer want as much, as we become more grateful and content, and the other stuff becomes a lot less important.”

Read the full article and listen to the meditation HERE.

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