I was sick for nearly 10 years.

I felt like all of my energy was gone. Zapped. It was devastating as I had a dream to continue a career as a contemporary dancer.

Life had a different direction for me.

After being told by the Western medical system that there was nothing they could do for me I was at a loss to either live in a state of exhaustion or figure out how to heal myself.

I chose the latter…

In this episode I talk about my journey from complete depletion to now, in my 40’s learning to rock climb, back country ski and climb some awesome mountains.

I share with you how I really healed from my autoimmune condition. It might surprise you.

In this episode I demystify the root cause of dis-ease and how you can begin to heal.

Know that whatever state of health and wellbeing you find yourself in, there is space for transformation and healing. Your willingness is the first step. You are worth feeling amazing. There are answers. Don’t give up.

Have a listen to this episode of Be The Light below.

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Be the light,