Join me for this conversation with a dear friend of mine, a true soul-sister, Elana Epstein. As a yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and spiritual guide in Vancouver BC, her greatest passion lies in helping individuals find their deepest place of connection to themselves and their relationship to life.

Elana shares with us the value of slowing things down, both internally and externally to discover what needs to be felt, witnessed, and spoken from the deeper aspects of your being.

She guides us to lovingly be with ourselves and allow our inner knowing to inform the present moment.

I ask Elana what her prescription for living on this planet is. And what always amazes me with her is how willing she is to look to her own limiting perceptions and own what arises within her. And she invites us to ask ourselves the question, “Am I willing to see myself in a new way?” to illuminate what is longing to emerge.


What else you will discover through our conversation:

  • A process of self-love and healing that begins with willingness and slowing down
  • How to stay current with what is true for you now (not an outdated version of yourself)
  • A reminder that YOU hold your infinite wisdom for what is right for YOU
  • An inspired affirmation: “Let me be capable of remembering who I am on all levels.”
  • And so much more!


As a yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and spiritual guide in Vancouver BC, Elana is committed to guide people to awaken. She supports people to journey into the highest and truest sense of their own self. As a teacher and mentor, she creates an environment that is safe, intuitive, calming and inspiring. Woven into posture and/or conversation is a thread of spiritual guidance that will allow you to deepen your understanding of what it means to journey within. Elana will guide you along a journey towards self realization and curiosity. She will weave a practice of insight, availability and awakening into movement and stillness. Let yourself be guided inwardly towards a path of connection, union and love.
You can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram at Elana Epstein