I get so excited when I feel the astonishing nature of existence—when things are undeniably miraculously orchestrated.

You might think I’m talking about big-deal kinda miracles; instant healings, angels floating down from the sky, the sea parting…but I’m not.

I’m open to all of those things happening and I’m also totally open to acknowledging synchronicities and beautiful moments of connection.

The more I live in the flow of my life, the more these serendipitous occurrences seem to happen often.

In this episode I talk about some recent experiences I’ve had that leave me without a doubt that there is a higher universal intelligence that is guiding all that is.

This allows me to relax, stop trying so hard or controlling things, and to en-JOY life every single day.


This episode of Be The Light will:

  • Inspire you to pay attention to the little things.
  • Bring greater awareness to subtle signs and messages in your life.
  • Remind you to stay in connection to the energy of Creation/ All That Is.
  • Tell you exactly what a miracle is.


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Be the light,

Photo by Greg Rakozy