We are all made of stories.

The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, and the stories of memory that get altered over time—deepening grooves in our psyche and transforming our personality.

I recently attended a workshop where I told stories and listened to many other’s tales too.

We are all story tellers…

What are the stories you’re telling yourself? Are they life giving or generating more suffering for you?

In this episode I share:

  • about the weirdest thing I saw happen the other day
  • details of my conversation with an inspiring stranger who’s on disability and lives in a hostel
  • a recent text exchange with a friend
  • how our relationship to our mind, and the stories we tell can create a fantastic perspective of life or be a source of pain and suffering

When I work with my clients, we often focus on the narratives that are destructive and not even conscious so much of the time. Have you ever noticed yourself thinking: “I’m such an idiot”… “I can’t afford that” … “I’ll never get ahead” … “I need to lose weight” … “I’m too busy!” … “I’ll never find love again” …

Whatever the story is, it’s important to see that it’s justa story. And, you can create a new one. You get to choose the story you tell. 😉

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